Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good bye high school!

Warning: this is a short post. Just letting everyone know I'm alive!

So, the summer is quickly approaching- I've taken out my sandals, shorts, and light shirts out of the box in my attic and brought them back downstairs, ready to be worn on sunny days like these. I've already started to turn more olive- but since I haven't been outside in a bikini yet, it's really an unflattering shorts/shirt tan that I have =p.

I also landed a law internship (YAY), which I'll be at Monday-Friday during the summer. I guess it's a bit of a bummer that I won't be on the beach everyday, but I'm really lucky to have gotten it- plus, it's really great experience.


A guy I'm in love with is heavily considering enlisting into the army, and I'm crushed.


I've started partying since the spring, and I've tried some things - no regrets at all so far, I'm learning a lot about myself this way.

I'm starting to write in a diary again! I thought the summer before college was an ideal time to write in this pretty rose notebook I've saved for years but was too afraid to write in, since it was so nice looking =p.

I'm thinking up a list of things I have to grow some courage and do before the summer ends. I will definitely post it.

Much love,
New York Chique