Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Two Favorite Actors

1. Adrien Brody:
...is my future husband.

Okay, I've decided that i should occasionally make posts about my favorite people and things. One of my favorite people of all time is a great and talented actor, the guy I always drool over when I see him on the big screen, the oscar-winning Adrien Brody!

Okay let me say that i think he's absolutely amazingly good looking. I would marry him in a heartbeat. A lot of my friends think he's kinda ugly because of his nose, but I actually think that makes him even more attractive, haha. His eyes are also so lovely. And its weird, because he's not that photogenic- his pictures aren't that amazing. But when you see him in the movies, like acting and moving around, all of a sudden he just looks gorgeous. It's hard to explain, but the movie camera loves him.

Anyway, heres some pictures of this gorgeous guy.

A little biography: Born in 1973 (he's 35 years old), he's from New York (like me!), and he went to LaGuardia High School for the performing arts, also in NY. He's been in lots of movies, including The Thin Red Line, Restaurant, Summer of Sam, Dummy, The Pianist (which he won an oscar for!), The Village, The Jacket, King Kong and Hollywoodland.
He's also starring in "Splice", a sci-fi movie that's coming out in 2009. so watch out for him!

2. Audrey Tatou:
I first saw her acting in a movie I watched on the plane going to Paris. She's a french actress, but I adore her. She just has this unique kind of beauty- effortless and natural, and which I find to be simply amazing.

Audrey Tautou has been in several movies, including Amelie, The Da Vinci Code, A Very Long Engagement, Dirty Pretty Things, He Loves Me He Loves Me Not, and Hors de Prix. This May 2008 she was named the spokesperson of Chanel No. 5 (sorry Nicoel kidman!). Although some people love Nicole Kidman, personally I think that Kidman, although beautiful, was sort of an ice queen. She always had that same frigid expression; I find Audrey to be a lot warmer, and a nice change from Nicole.

Oh! and the best thing is...

She's going to be protraying Gabrielle Chanel before she became famous in the movie Coco Before Chanel, which had started filming this year. Frankly, I think she'll do a great job, and I'm sure the movie is going to be fabulous! I can't wait to see the clothes they have in the movie!

So ladies and gentlemen, thats why I love Adrien Brody and Audrey Tautou.

-New York Chique

Monday, June 16, 2008

Romance (mwah) in fashion

I am so happy romantic peices are back in style for the summer.

Romantic peices: peices with flowers, frills, ruffles, sheer material, bows, floaty, feminine, that soft look is pretty much in. And I'm completely in love with it. Most of the pieces in this style end up being really soft colors, like white, pink, peach, and flesh tones. Ah perfect for summer!

These cream-colored earrings (Left; Forever 21, $3.80)

Haha and these very very similar but more expensive earrings by Urban Outfitters (Left and Right; Urban outfitters, $12)

These headbands: (Left; Forever 21, $2.80)

Or this dress from Forever 21 (Left; Forever 21, $24.80)

This white tunic, (Left; Urban Outfitters $38. Right; Urban outfitters, $32)

Then there are the sheer tops (Left; urban Outfitters, $58)

These other cute tops (Left; Urban Outfitters, $38.  Right; Urban outfitters, $48)

There also these tops: (left; Urban Outfitters, $42.  Right; Banana Republic, $69)

More tops: (Left; Bloomingdales, $74.  Right; Bloomingdales, $148)
I especially like the floral collar on the top to the right- I've seen it a lot when shopping in other stores too. 

On the Runway:
Jill Stuart:

Luca Luca

You can see on the runway pictures the soft colors, sheer materials, and the flowy clothing. 

Oh by the way, I saw Kung Fu panda with the boyfriend, and it wasn't half as good as the old disney movies. I kinda want my $11 back (theaters in New York seem pretty overpriced), haha.  
I've also been trying to link people lately, I'm starting to love reading other people's fashion blogs.  So please please if you want to link, let me know! I'd love to.
And my physics class starts this thursday. Wish me luck.

-New York Chique

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

Finally school is over. I took the U.S. history SAT II. It was a bit harder than I expected, but I'm going to have to wait until i get my scores back (in fifteen days! how am i supposed to wait that long?!) If I don't get higher than a 700, I have to re-take it n October. fun.

And over the summer I have to take physics, so that I can take AP Biology during the school year. This practically eats up my whole summer. Again, mucho fun.

At least summer school starts in two weeks...so that gives me two weeks to relax =]
I already made a post on gladiators, but I desperately need sandals. Something i can walk around in a lot without my feet dying and preferably ones that don't look like I stole them from my grandma.

Now I have to think of things that I want to do over the next weeks.

a) Go to the movies

Kung Fu Panda looks cute (and Jack black is pretty funny), while You Don't mess with The Zohan was hard to judge from the trailer- it could either be hilarious or really stupid. Or both. Miss Conception is more chick-flicky but hey, it could be good. While I really really want to see The Go-Getter. It looks really good, like my type of movie. I guess I'll have to wait until I see it to judge.

But oh gosh...okay I try not to spazz in my posts on here, but I have to spazz now-
OMG I WANT TO SEE WALL-E SOOO BAD!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! IT LOOKS SO GOOOD!! AHHHHHH!!! I can't wait!!! ...haha wow, 16 years old and I still can't get over disney movies.

Okay, like a couple of months ago I went to see a movie with my mom (bonding time) and in the previews, I saw a "coming to theaters soon" trailer for Wall-e. I wanted to cry. I don't know why, but like I have this obsession/lust for a movie I haven't even seen yet. I think it might be because one of my deep dark secrets is that i really love astronomy and think its the most amazing thing in the world. And its about a robot who keeps looking to the stars because he wants to be something more. I don't know, maybe I'm just being overdramatic, but for some reason i just instantly felt this connection with Wall-e. -Okay, you're officially all allowed to think I'm insane. But its just how I feel.

Anyway, yesterday at a sweet sixteen I was talking to a guy friend and he said that he really wanted to see it too. So I guess I'll be seeing it with him =]

b) Go shopping
The thing with shopping is that I'm actually low on money. And since my parents are pretty strict about giving me spending money, as much as I would love to do so, I really shouldn't be buying more clothes and things i don't actually need (even if I want them so so badly).

However, my buy for the summer- and I did actually kinda need this because its getting so darn sunny outside and my old sunglasses broke- were these sweeet shades.
Sunglasses never look good one my, so I was enormously happy when these actually flattered my face pretty well. =]

c) Lose Weight/ get in shape (all summer, not just these two weeks)
So I'm going to be on the cross country team for the first time (before I did long distance track), so I'm kinda nervous. I've also been slacking on my running because I had to study for the history sat II. But now that I'm free (but not on the days where its sweltering hot since its dangerous to run)- I'm going to try to run as much as I can. I'm supposed 1 hour every day at an easy pace (thats like 5-6 miles), 5 days a week, then run one day hard (4 minutes at a faster pace), and then take 1 break day. Even though it may sound like nothing, its actually pretty intense. And since I'm not the most talented runner (i do it more for fun and because i love exercise), I really need to do that to get in shape for cross country.
-Also, on the side of doing these exercises, I'm going to try to eat a little less (portions, portions) and eat healthier. i already eat pretty healthily, since my family is full of health freaks, but I going to stop eating so much deserts, muffins, unhealthy salad dressings- you know, the seemingly harmless calories that sneak up on you later.
-I have this stubborn pooch, and huge thighs. I want a famazing bikini bod!
She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini...

d) Miscellaneous
And of course I'm going to hang out with the boyfriend (I'm going to see him tomorrow) and try to hang out with as many people as I can. i'll also probably start getting ready to take physics, like sneak a peak at what I'm going to be learning, try to get ahead a bit. Bahaha I know, I know, I'm a goody-two-shoes.

If anyone has any suggestions at what I can do (because I know at some point I'll get bored), comment. let me know. anything!

Hope everyone is going to have a great summer,
-New York Chique