Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back in Black

A Thankyou: Hey everyone, it's been quite some time since I posted. Looking at the very nice comments I got from my last post (Frank O'Hara's poetry), I've completely regained hope in humanity. Okay, that's an exageration, but it's really nice to see that not everyone hates poetry (as the kids in my english class often groan). =] So this is a very big "thank you" to those who read my posts, even when they're not about clothes!

In this Post:
1. Introduction/ small anecdote
2. Outfits made on Polyvore with leggings
3. Celebrities
4. Models/inspiration
5. Some places to buy them


Okay, so this is going to be an outfit post. As you may know, I'm slightly addicted to Polyvore. For those who don't know what that is, it's a site where it is easy to make your own outfits by choosing clothes from many different companies and sites, and then pasting them on a screen to make an entire outfit. ( In case you were wondering, my username is "New York Chique", and my profile is:

My outfits are never really that popular, but then again most of the outfits that get 1000+ "Likes" are usually aero+hollister+abercrombie+coach combinations with little qoutes at the side. I actually once commented on one of those outfits saying "Sorry, but I really don't like this" (or something along those lines), and wow, was I in for a suprise! The girl sent me nasty messages, saying she would "report me" and how I didn't have the right ot call her outfit ugly. She ended the message saying "Thanks for being ugly" and a side note, "you spelled 'chic' wrong...hmmm" and then proceeded to block me! Haha i actually got a laugh out of that, she's probably still young and maybe really defensive. Anyway, since she blocked me I didn't get a chance to respond, so whatever. Just thought I'd share the story. =]

Polyvore Outfits:
Here are some of the outfits I've compiled, all made my me. This is when I was in a leather leggins-craze (I dont think the majority are even leather, they're just fake-look-alike leather), so all of these outfits were inspired by that. I have many more you can see on my profile that don't involve these daring tights, maybe I'll post them at a later date!

Leather Leggings I

Leather Leggings II

Leather Leggings III

Leather Leggings IV

Leather Leggings V

Leather Leggings VI

Leather Leggings VII

Leather Leggings VIII

So, that concludes my leather-legging filled polyvore work.

Models/Inspiration: (I got these all from google/search engines)

Celebrities!: (from google as well. And apparently some other blog. Anyway here they are)

Left: Posh, Right: Hillary Duff

Left: One of the Olsen Twins, Right: Lindsay Lohan

Below: Rihanna! Who I think pulls them off really well =]

Where you Can get them!
Left: Forever 21, $15.80, Right: Urban Outfitters, $38. You can basically find them anywhere though, including American Apparel and other stores like that. As the stores are being cleared for sundresses and bikinis though, they might get harder to find.

Now, winter is coming to a close-have you been outside today? In New York, it's sunny and gorgeous! But since it's still in transition from winter to spring, you may be able to sneak in the leather leggings, even though I think most fashionistas would call them a no-no for spring time. Walking in the city and looking fierce, or in the evening, or at a party, would be the best times to wear them. Of course, you should make sure you have the legs to wear them- they're pretty tight, and show every bulge. One the other hand, if you're skinny as a twig, I think they'd make legs look even more twiggy and thats unflattering as well. So if you're moderatly toned, these are perfect! Well, thank you everyone for reading my post! I promise I'm going to be really good about keeping up, and commenting, and following other blogs. I promiseeee!

Much Love,

-New York Chique