Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer to-do list.

Before I leave New York to go to Boston for college in the fall, I've started to compile a list of things I feel I should try to do this summer.

Lately, I've gotten awful sentimental whenever I find myself walking through the streets, admiring the city. I get so sad at the thought that I'm going to have to leave New York. I feel so attached to it...

New York, I love you. I want to make the most of this summer. Here is the list, in no particular order:

  1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Go skinny dipping
  3. Tan topless
  4. Buy a fake ID
  5. Go clubbing
  6. Try a tab of acid
  7. Revisit the MoMa
  8. Revisit the Planetarium show
  9. Watch a Broadway show
  10. Donate blood
  11. Sneak into Central Park Zoo to look at the seals
  12. Explore my neighborhood with my guy friend
  13. Hookah bar again!
  14. Take some cool pictures with my brand new camera.
  15. Spend a romantic day at the beach.
  16. Bring my guy friend misou soup and a delicious red velvet cupcake
  17. Buy a pipe.
  18. See Eclipse! =D
That's the list so far. I will definitely be adding more...and yeah, I know some of them are unrealistic, but I want to be ambitious. ;]