Saturday, December 25, 2010


hi :)

My New Blog! (ah, if you read the last post...then you know I predicted coming back to blogger)

Ta-da! :D

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Love you!

-New York Chique

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hey There Tumblr

Hey all,

College has been such an experience...ahh I could honestly write a book about it. But I have some news - I've moved to Tumlbr - TEMPORARILY.

I'm just testing it out, to see how I like it. But I can already tell that there's a lot of inflexibility with the layouts (for instance, i wouldnt be able to have the musi player I have now), and the html for the layouts is hard for me to figure out...for some reason blogger just seems...easier. And more professional. Tumblr seems better for posting photos, or a few sentences on a whim. Not making the long, ranty posts that you know I love on blogger =]

Anyway, I will test out Tumblr for a few weeks - and then, most likely (i'd bet at 75%) coming back to blogger. Blogger *seems* a lot better to me, but I want to see how this Tumblr thing goes.

Anyway, for kicks, here you go:

But DON'T unfollow me here! Because I still love this blog and I want to keep you guys updated when I come back to blogger. Just stay put! =]

I really love everyone who's been reading all the way until now <3
-New York Chique...or now, Breakfast in New York (or Biny!)

[EDIT]: I'm not using tumblr. I don't like it as much as blogger. Instead of going to tumblr, visit my blog at :)


Monday, August 23, 2010

9 days until college

Tonight the breeze is really's b
eautiful weather here. Today was surprisingly cool, which was a welcome change from the humidity of earlier this week - but also a scary reminder that the summer is almost over!

9 days until college.

  1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge - nope - this was an easy thing to do, but I never got around to it...I still have the week though, so I might!
  2. Go skinny dipping - didn't really have the opportunity =/
  3. Tan topless - hm, i pulled my dress down to expose my shoulders once, but that was the closest I got to topless. (I was also on a small lawn. I need to go to the great lawn if I want to do that kind of thing)
  4. Buy a fake ID - YES! but it's very cheap, and very crappy. Let's see if I have the courage to actually use it =]
  5. Go clubbing - I didn't get my ID until very recently - but I don't know if I have the guts to use it to go clubbing, haha.
  6. Try a tab of acid - I had the opportunity, but I turned it down because I was already high and wanted to spend a nice evening with my boyfriend.
  7. Revisit the MoMa - YES! with my boyfriend. It was interesting to see the amounts of tourists that were there!
  8. Revisit the Planetarium show - Did this, it was amazing. I love the star show!
  9. Watch a Broadway show - I asked my mom, aha she says we can go as a family in the winter.
  10. Donate blood - I donated blood for the first time at work! I felt very weak (they took the blood out of my left arm instead of right) but I totally felt satisfied afterwards. I'm going to try and donate regularly!
  11. Sneak into Central Park Zoo to look at the seals - haha. haha. haha. nope! But I've watched the seals several times this summer, in the daytime =p I love them, they're so adorable!
  12. Explore my neighborhood with my guy friend - tons. and he's an amazing partner in crime.
  13. Hookah bar again! - asdfghjkl this is the one i regret not doing the most!
  14. Take some cool pictures with my brand new camera. yes =]
  15. Spend a romantic day at the beach. - i've gone to the beach a couple of times, but not romantically. ahaha oh well!
  16. Bring my guy friend misou soup and a delicious red velvet cupcake - yep, both!
  17. Buy a pipe. - from st. marks with the help of my brother
  18. See Eclipse! =D - haha i'm a twilight junkie.

I secretly want to slowly change my blog into something else...or maybe start a new one. One with more writing. But we'll see.

I've (kinda) started packing...I'm not leaving much at home, so I'm throwing away a ton of stuff. It's difficult to bring everything you're going to own/use to college! I also have tons of clothes =p I hope I have room in my dorm!

I also got my roommate assignment. She seems like a very nice girl, and I hope we get along!

College is a turning point in my life. I also have to start making difficult choices, about what I want to do with my life (studies) and what kind of person I want to become (social). Do I want to be the school slut, or the bookworm. Of course it's all about balance, but I know that in college I'll slowly start to figure out the persona I feel most comfortable with. For now, I'm very excited, a little nervous. The usual =p

I'm definitely going to make a whole post on my thoughts on college, but I'm too tired tonight...this might have been the last night I see my boyfriend (tear). He's off to france and I won't see him for another month, if he decides to visit me. I'm not sure if we're continuing our relationship, probably not, but he's one of the sweetest most understanding people I've ever met, and he rocked my summer. x3

Not to mention he bought me an ultra comfy AA raglan sweater:

Goodnight, girls!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer to-do list.

Before I leave New York to go to Boston for college in the fall, I've started to compile a list of things I feel I should try to do this summer.

Lately, I've gotten awful sentimental whenever I find myself walking through the streets, admiring the city. I get so sad at the thought that I'm going to have to leave New York. I feel so attached to it...

New York, I love you. I want to make the most of this summer. Here is the list, in no particular order:

  1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Go skinny dipping
  3. Tan topless
  4. Buy a fake ID
  5. Go clubbing
  6. Try a tab of acid
  7. Revisit the MoMa
  8. Revisit the Planetarium show
  9. Watch a Broadway show
  10. Donate blood
  11. Sneak into Central Park Zoo to look at the seals
  12. Explore my neighborhood with my guy friend
  13. Hookah bar again!
  14. Take some cool pictures with my brand new camera.
  15. Spend a romantic day at the beach.
  16. Bring my guy friend misou soup and a delicious red velvet cupcake
  17. Buy a pipe.
  18. See Eclipse! =D
That's the list so far. I will definitely be adding more...and yeah, I know some of them are unrealistic, but I want to be ambitious. ;]

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good bye high school!

Warning: this is a short post. Just letting everyone know I'm alive!

So, the summer is quickly approaching- I've taken out my sandals, shorts, and light shirts out of the box in my attic and brought them back downstairs, ready to be worn on sunny days like these. I've already started to turn more olive- but since I haven't been outside in a bikini yet, it's really an unflattering shorts/shirt tan that I have =p.

I also landed a law internship (YAY), which I'll be at Monday-Friday during the summer. I guess it's a bit of a bummer that I won't be on the beach everyday, but I'm really lucky to have gotten it- plus, it's really great experience.


A guy I'm in love with is heavily considering enlisting into the army, and I'm crushed.


I've started partying since the spring, and I've tried some things - no regrets at all so far, I'm learning a lot about myself this way.

I'm starting to write in a diary again! I thought the summer before college was an ideal time to write in this pretty rose notebook I've saved for years but was too afraid to write in, since it was so nice looking =p.

I'm thinking up a list of things I have to grow some courage and do before the summer ends. I will definitely post it.

Much love,
New York Chique

Monday, February 15, 2010

Longchamps! (Which bag to buy?)

Which Longchamp should I buy?!

Hey everyone! I've been thinking about the future/college life.
So, I found a job- and being the shopoholic I am, I'm already researching ways I can spend it. The one thing that is definitely at the top of my list is a school bag for college- I'm sick of my navy Jansport backpack, it ruins outfits :(


^My current backpack. Cost: $35

Now I've been searching online for the perfect college tote- plenty of people at my highschool already have longchamps, but since my income= me begging my parents, I could never get my hands on one. Now that I'm a little more financially independent, I'm determined to save up for a day-to-day college longchamp!

I'm more of a classic, will-match-everything type of girl. So I'm looking for versatile colors like grey, navy, brown, and black. These are my options so far:

Option #1: The grey "Planetes-Large" shopper longchamp.
Measurements: 12 1/2"W x 12"H x 7 1/2"D. (measures medium; don't know why it's called large then)
Cost: $168
Comments: I was instantly attracted to the 'planetes tonal' series of lonchamps- where the leather straps are the same color as the rest of the tote. The grey would look great with the navy peacoat I have...

Option #2: Black "Planetes Tonal" Tote, longchamp
Measurements: (Measures medium...but I've read from several sources online/pictures that the tote is actually only slightly smaller than the large- which I like!)
Cost: $168
Comments: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It was love at first site. I really like that the straps are balck instead of brown like the common longchamp 'le plaige' bags. My concern is that I might look too dark ovrall if I use this bag- which although might sound silly, I don't want to look completely drab if I decide to wear a black coat. But still, my mouth is watering.

Option #3: Victoire Tote Bag, longchamp
Measurements: 12¼x12x7½ inch (color=lead)
Cost: $215
Comments: I love that it's not as common to see this tote, but still clearly longchamp. The horse rider symbol is pretty, I think, and I actually don't mind it being plastered unto the bag. I think I can try to work with this color if I wanted to.

Option #4: Le Pliage Hobo bag in black
Measurements: 14½ x 11 x 5½ inch
Cost: $195
Comments: I think that this bag looks better and bigger in real life than it does in the picture- one of my classmates owns one and I admired it for 1) Actually fitting folders/binders and 2) Seeming to be less of a strain than the bigger totes due to it's thick shoulder strap. It looked like it could even *squeeze* in my macbook, if that'll give you an idea of the size.

Option #5: The run-of-the-mill, "Le Plaige" large tote- black, navy, or chocolate

Measurements: 13"W x 13"H x 7 1/2"D
Cost: $145
Comments: I know every other girl in New York has one, but they are classic, durable, and great for carrying books. I'm heavily leaning towards the black and chocolate.


So, this is the favor I'm asking: Tell me what you think! Which one would be best for my next year at college?

Any input is much, much, much appreciated. And in case you wanted to know- I'm not sure what color my winter coat will be (if that affects your opinion). Probably navy, but also possibly black. I'm also a big fan of black and chocolate brown boots, and I like wearing denim jeans. Haha just giving more info in case you want to make a more educated decision :P

Thank you thank you thank you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The cold! The dark! My love!

In New York City, I feel that the winter completely romanticizes the nighttime. I'm also love the winter, so I may be biased, but there's just something about seeing everyone with hot coffee cups in their hands, the beautiful elegant coats worn, the bare trees of central park outlined against the twilight sky, the thrill from the fresh air hitting your face, the love felt as you snuggle for warmth while walking in the dark. I love the winter, and I love the nighttime. It brings me inspiration and makes me pensive, romantic, hopeful! Here are some updates on my life...

1. HAIR:
I chopped off my hair. It went from covering my breasts to above my shoulder. A bob with bangs. AHH! I did this at the very beginning of December, so by now it has grown some, but it's still very short- not quite touching my shoulders. People have told me I look french. I've gotten plenty compliments! Then a jerk said I looked like a turtle. Bahaha. Anyway, since my hair is naturally dark and straight, I'm actually proud of the fact that I can pull off the look. The question is, should I keep the bob for college? Or let it grow out?

This is my hair: [Katie Holmes (below) was my inspiration!]

Why did I do it?: My hair was feeling too heavy, too bothersome, too in the way. I was on the road of recovery from a broken heart [see past two posts...depressing!], and I wanted to be fresh, start anew. I also wanted to experiment a bit with my hair before college. I also felt SO MUCH LESS pressure to look like the 'average' girl at my school now that I'm single (with no boy in mind...I think I'll be staying single...). I was like- "okay, I'm single. I don't plan on impressing anybody, because I don't really have a crush. I'm going to do whatever I want!"

...And this is the moral of the story: EXPERIMENT. Live a little! I'm one of the few girls in my high school with short hair...and you know what? I stand out, people have complimented the look, and I'm proud of pulling off something not everyone can. I would have never known the look suited me if I hadn't tried!

I'm itching for a part time job so I'll have petty cash for going out/shopping for clothing without begging my parents. I don't get an allowance- only birthday money and every trimester, $20 for every A I get. Which at my private school, is actually hard to get. Anyway, I find this cash melts through my fingers from movie theaters..come'on, in the city they charge $12 per ticket!
-And then food, at a diner, will most likely be $15-20.
-Starbucks frappuccino (flavor: vanilla bean!) will be about $6 (If I remember right).

^Vanilla Bean Frapp! Ahh these are so bad for you. But oh so delicious. My guilty pleasure.

-A pack of gum from a street vendor will be $1.50 (so overpriced for just one pack...)

-A roundtrip metro card $5

My point is, it adds up. A day of going to the movies and dinner and running around the city can cost! I'm sure it's not much to people from more affluent families, but sheesh, on my birthday money/grades "salary", my piggy bank is emptied very, very quickly. Not to mention that I like buying clothing.

So, I'm trying to see if I can find a job babysitting/tutoring, for $10 an hour. But man, no one wants to hire a high schooler! Even if I am mature, any parents would prefer a college student/adult watching their child. Bahh, wish me luck anyway!

Some songs I love recently....

Nothing at All - The Shins
Rotten Apples - Voxhaul Broadcast
Soft Shock - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Telephone - Lemon Sun
Brainwashed - George Harrison
Nonbeliever - La Rocca
405 - Death Cab for Cutie
Lake Michigan - Rogue Wave
Radiation Vibe - Fountains of Wayne
D.A.N.C.E. - Justice
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Beautiful Stalker - Sugarcult
A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger - Of Montreal
Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider - Of Montreal
Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith
She Paints Me Blue - Something Corporate

...I know lists of music is annoying to read because there's no easy access to have a quick listen to them. But if you're in the mood to listen, I really hope you find something you like! =]

I love dancing around in my room. It makes me so happy. Sometimes I imagine myself dancing in the sunshine, in front of a lover who thinks my moves are cute.

Parting Words:
To be completely honest, I've started to feel guilty whenever I think about fashion. Looking at beautiful clothing and not being able to buy it...and then feeling frustrated for not having a job...ahh what a problem! So I've been concentrating my efforts on finding a job, and thinking to myself, "I'll allow myself to look at beautiful clothing once I have the money to afford something." Probably not the best way to look at it, but I want nice clothing for college. Good, quality clothing. Anyway, that's my goal. And that's the reason this blog has been turning over to my life instead of the runway.

I found out that a major reason that my ex had broken up with me was because his best friend despised me and kept bothering him constantly about our relationship, pressuring him to break up with my. Great. I don' know if I miss him, or I just miss being in love and having someone love me back. I've tried a few dates with several people, but I feel like each time I'm selling myself short...trying super-hard to convince myself I like the person, only to realize that they aren't half as compatible as I was with my ex. But after all that's happened, all the hurt he caused me, I still have moment where I miss him. GAH. I've grown jealous of the other couples in our grade. And I'm sooo screwed for prom. PROM. I'M SCARED.

I just want to find someone who can be my best friend AND lover. Someone that I'm attracted to and can make me laugh.

The truth is I just want high school to end already!

Thanks for listening,
New York Chique

P.s.- Did anybody see the bright full moon recently? So beautiful!