Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back in Black

A Thankyou: Hey everyone, it's been quite some time since I posted. Looking at the very nice comments I got from my last post (Frank O'Hara's poetry), I've completely regained hope in humanity. Okay, that's an exageration, but it's really nice to see that not everyone hates poetry (as the kids in my english class often groan). =] So this is a very big "thank you" to those who read my posts, even when they're not about clothes!

In this Post:
1. Introduction/ small anecdote
2. Outfits made on Polyvore with leggings
3. Celebrities
4. Models/inspiration
5. Some places to buy them


Okay, so this is going to be an outfit post. As you may know, I'm slightly addicted to Polyvore. For those who don't know what that is, it's a site where it is easy to make your own outfits by choosing clothes from many different companies and sites, and then pasting them on a screen to make an entire outfit. ( In case you were wondering, my username is "New York Chique", and my profile is:

My outfits are never really that popular, but then again most of the outfits that get 1000+ "Likes" are usually aero+hollister+abercrombie+coach combinations with little qoutes at the side. I actually once commented on one of those outfits saying "Sorry, but I really don't like this" (or something along those lines), and wow, was I in for a suprise! The girl sent me nasty messages, saying she would "report me" and how I didn't have the right ot call her outfit ugly. She ended the message saying "Thanks for being ugly" and a side note, "you spelled 'chic' wrong...hmmm" and then proceeded to block me! Haha i actually got a laugh out of that, she's probably still young and maybe really defensive. Anyway, since she blocked me I didn't get a chance to respond, so whatever. Just thought I'd share the story. =]

Polyvore Outfits:
Here are some of the outfits I've compiled, all made my me. This is when I was in a leather leggins-craze (I dont think the majority are even leather, they're just fake-look-alike leather), so all of these outfits were inspired by that. I have many more you can see on my profile that don't involve these daring tights, maybe I'll post them at a later date!

Leather Leggings I

Leather Leggings II

Leather Leggings III

Leather Leggings IV

Leather Leggings V

Leather Leggings VI

Leather Leggings VII

Leather Leggings VIII

So, that concludes my leather-legging filled polyvore work.

Models/Inspiration: (I got these all from google/search engines)

Celebrities!: (from google as well. And apparently some other blog. Anyway here they are)

Left: Posh, Right: Hillary Duff

Left: One of the Olsen Twins, Right: Lindsay Lohan

Below: Rihanna! Who I think pulls them off really well =]

Where you Can get them!
Left: Forever 21, $15.80, Right: Urban Outfitters, $38. You can basically find them anywhere though, including American Apparel and other stores like that. As the stores are being cleared for sundresses and bikinis though, they might get harder to find.

Now, winter is coming to a close-have you been outside today? In New York, it's sunny and gorgeous! But since it's still in transition from winter to spring, you may be able to sneak in the leather leggings, even though I think most fashionistas would call them a no-no for spring time. Walking in the city and looking fierce, or in the evening, or at a party, would be the best times to wear them. Of course, you should make sure you have the legs to wear them- they're pretty tight, and show every bulge. One the other hand, if you're skinny as a twig, I think they'd make legs look even more twiggy and thats unflattering as well. So if you're moderatly toned, these are perfect! Well, thank you everyone for reading my post! I promise I'm going to be really good about keeping up, and commenting, and following other blogs. I promiseeee!

Much Love,

-New York Chique


Miss at la Playa said...

what a coincidence! I just bought a pair of leggings like those and i was wondering how to wear them

Fashion Tidbits said...

i swear Polyvore is insane!!! it males me want to buy everything!! dangerous stuff

nuha nuha said...

the bags are gorgeous!

you young girls these days are having such good eyes for fashion now! i love it!

Savile said...

I love every set! And the pics of the models are really inspiring too. Mind if i link you on my site? You dont have to link me back unless you want to. Come visit sometime

Happy blogging ;]

nuha nuha said...

coincidence. so many coincidences this month for me haha. the shirt is divine isnt it? it's sooo happy and smiley! yeah there's a way to do the curls, you don't need to buy as much as a curler actually. just twist your hair preferably you separate it first into two, twist it around from the middle length and then clip it with a large hairclip or anything that can hold it up and leave it for some time, overnight if you wish. best done after you've washed your hair and dry it up a little bit. works all the time for me! you'd get the curls, just run your fingers through them when it's done to give it a more natural look :] change links? i'm adding you!

Echo said...

I love the bag in #2,and #6 from your polyvore images. Would you mind telling me where its from?
Also your blog is really, really cute :)


Tru said...

first off that was hilary duff??? she looks so different. i thought she fell off the face of the earth or something

second i dont think i could pull off the whole shiny black leggings thing but i like some of your outfits and think they would look equally cool with skinny jeans so perhaps I'll try that

third you're complelty right about that girl on polyvore being silly she needs to learn how to take constuctieve criticism

La Femme Chic said...

I love number 8. Thanks for the inspiration!

Morena said...

New York Honey Pie!
Where have you been?!
Thanks for that message and I'm so super glad you're back.

Can't wait to start with the commenting and all that again!

fritha louise said...

I love all your polyvore sets. You've got great taste :)

Copycat Sasha said...

I love the jacket in the first polyvore! and i though the weather was horrible on saturday! freezing!

Vintage Tea said...

some really cool polyvores. I love your ideas.

Check me out here


Fabulously Fashionable Dawn said...

wow you did some major polyvore pieces...I'm going back to look at them more closely..awsome combos!

Saraa said...

I love those leggins and i already have one pair =) i haven't worn them much do cause i fell to bad ass or something =P AND my mom said they look like they belong to a prostitute =/ lol
besids that i'm starting to love your blog! you have really cool ideas and opinions here. I'll todally came here more often!
When you have time check out my blog and leave your opinion, i promisse that i wont block you =P

Charlotte said...

Hi! We missed you.
I am really in the mood for wearing leggings at the moment, I can't choose just one of these wonderful ourfits.

Anonymous said...
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Lady Lala said...

Wow! good post, i really like the second fit, amazing! nice to meet u!

saray said...

awesome faux leather leggings inspiration! you gave me like a million ideas now!

Karen said...

i love those leatrher leggings they are awesome, i cant wait to get a pair myself, and all those outfits are awesome.
i amso very jealous that you live in new york, i visited last year and never wanted to leave.
- Karen

fashion_designer said...

I absolutely adore wet look leggings - they look best paired with the bird knitted top! c'est tres joli!
I love your blog and I am really inspired by it - id really appreciate it if you would check out mine - - and become a follower and comment :) x

McCall said...

ohh gosh could you pleasse tell me where i can get that shirt in #7??
thank you so much for posting all those outfits :)
you can email me at
or just tell me on my bog

thank you so so much!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog especially the fashion and photo posts. All of the clothes are so chic. Keep up the awesome blog. Check out my blog at

melanie said...

wow i love all of the outfits,
great job it was very inspiring.

xQueenBeex said...

The pictures are amazing, and so is your blog! and I am so jealous of you for living in New York!

little rich poor girl said...

You are very talented. Extremely, very talented and i'm ever so jealous.
I love the way you've set your blogs out with a mini-contents :) Very clear and easy to read - take ALOT of kudos for that, not many people DO make their blogs really clear, it's just a rush of words that get boring after a while...
Uh, and i love the way you've matched the clothes up, and i LOVE leather leggings! I think i've said love a little too much for my liking in this comment.
Nevertheless, your posts are divine. You are divine! :)

Jeff Smith said...

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