Monday, February 15, 2010

Longchamps! (Which bag to buy?)

Which Longchamp should I buy?!

Hey everyone! I've been thinking about the future/college life.
So, I found a job- and being the shopoholic I am, I'm already researching ways I can spend it. The one thing that is definitely at the top of my list is a school bag for college- I'm sick of my navy Jansport backpack, it ruins outfits :(


^My current backpack. Cost: $35

Now I've been searching online for the perfect college tote- plenty of people at my highschool already have longchamps, but since my income= me begging my parents, I could never get my hands on one. Now that I'm a little more financially independent, I'm determined to save up for a day-to-day college longchamp!

I'm more of a classic, will-match-everything type of girl. So I'm looking for versatile colors like grey, navy, brown, and black. These are my options so far:

Option #1: The grey "Planetes-Large" shopper longchamp.
Measurements: 12 1/2"W x 12"H x 7 1/2"D. (measures medium; don't know why it's called large then)
Cost: $168
Comments: I was instantly attracted to the 'planetes tonal' series of lonchamps- where the leather straps are the same color as the rest of the tote. The grey would look great with the navy peacoat I have...

Option #2: Black "Planetes Tonal" Tote, longchamp
Measurements: (Measures medium...but I've read from several sources online/pictures that the tote is actually only slightly smaller than the large- which I like!)
Cost: $168
Comments: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It was love at first site. I really like that the straps are balck instead of brown like the common longchamp 'le plaige' bags. My concern is that I might look too dark ovrall if I use this bag- which although might sound silly, I don't want to look completely drab if I decide to wear a black coat. But still, my mouth is watering.

Option #3: Victoire Tote Bag, longchamp
Measurements: 12¼x12x7½ inch (color=lead)
Cost: $215
Comments: I love that it's not as common to see this tote, but still clearly longchamp. The horse rider symbol is pretty, I think, and I actually don't mind it being plastered unto the bag. I think I can try to work with this color if I wanted to.

Option #4: Le Pliage Hobo bag in black
Measurements: 14½ x 11 x 5½ inch
Cost: $195
Comments: I think that this bag looks better and bigger in real life than it does in the picture- one of my classmates owns one and I admired it for 1) Actually fitting folders/binders and 2) Seeming to be less of a strain than the bigger totes due to it's thick shoulder strap. It looked like it could even *squeeze* in my macbook, if that'll give you an idea of the size.

Option #5: The run-of-the-mill, "Le Plaige" large tote- black, navy, or chocolate

Measurements: 13"W x 13"H x 7 1/2"D
Cost: $145
Comments: I know every other girl in New York has one, but they are classic, durable, and great for carrying books. I'm heavily leaning towards the black and chocolate.


So, this is the favor I'm asking: Tell me what you think! Which one would be best for my next year at college?

Any input is much, much, much appreciated. And in case you wanted to know- I'm not sure what color my winter coat will be (if that affects your opinion). Probably navy, but also possibly black. I'm also a big fan of black and chocolate brown boots, and I like wearing denim jeans. Haha just giving more info in case you want to make a more educated decision :P

Thank you thank you thank you!


Sarah (Buzz) said...

love the bags.

Tori said...

I haven't seen your blog in ages! guess I pick the second one! Its nice and simple

M. said...

I have Le Plaige in red, but I fell in love with the gray one you posted! I would chose that.

Jan said...

Why would you get a nylon bag? If you must, get the leather ones from Longchamp.

Adele said...

I had a blog that I have not updated for 2 years! & I've finally got back on the game and noticed you were a follower on my old account ( Thought I'd let you know I have a new link ( :) - Its very empty right now!

Anyway! i'm in my second year of university now so I completely understand! I think the bags are great, very practical for college but my ultimate favourite is the second one! Im also a will-match-everything type of girl lol so I love the simpleness!

Adele x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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María said...

I miss your posts New York Chique!! Your blog is one of the first I started following when I got in the amazing world of blogs, it's a pity you don't post!! Anyways I hope everything is going well for you :)

xo! <3

Stéphane Malingue said...


ChocoDisco said...

i really like the "Le Plaige" myself =) if it was me i would get it in either black or blue! just my two cents x

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