Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It's getting so nice outside, and its time to take our feet out from those stuffy ballet flats and let them breathe in a very fashionable tada! And the gladiator was invented.

For those of you who don't know, gladiators are sandals with straps at the back.

Okay personally, I'm not a fan of flip flops just because after walking for a while, they kinda hurt in between my toes, and they slip off easily.  this is why I love love gladiators- with a back strap, they have alot more support and won't fall off! I wish I had discovered gladiators years ago! But anyway, gladiators usually come in black, brown, gold, some color in between, or white.  But occasionally you'll find some snazzy wild colored one. All of them are great. 

 These are some that I liked

Skinny strapped gladiators: (Left; Urban Outfitters, $29.99, also comes in black. Right; Urban Outfitters, $34.00.  Below; Miu Miu)

Slightly-above-the-ankle-strapped gladiators: (Below; Urban outfitters, $58.00.  Below that; Nordstroms, $84.95.)

High heeled gladiators: (Left; Urban Outfitters, $150.00. Right; Dior)

I find that these would be really hard to pull off, but I'll show them anyway- at the calves: (Below; Nordstrom, $99.95)

So there you go, plenty of gladiators to chose from, all which get us prepared for the warm days of summer. 
More summer hopeful posts to come. =]


Tina said...

some of those are very cute! but, gladiators aren't as general as "sandals with a strap on the back". they're actually sandals just with a LOT of straps (ones with only t-straps or a few others aren't really gladiator). just wanted to let you know...=)
btw - those miu miu and urban outfitter ones are GORGEOUS.

Fashion Splash said...

wow really helpful post! i'm actually thinking of buying a pair, I like the first ones, they're not too complicated XD

Anonymous said...

love them im deciding if i want a high heeled pair

Anonymous said...