Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Perfect Eyebrows

Hey all, so I did some browsing and I'm here to help you guys find your perfect eyebrows. Eyebrows can dramatically change how your face looks. Above: Keira Knightley, because I love her eyebrows.  Below: Heres a picture of Audrey Hepburn with two different eyebrows (see how both faces look quite different):

Okay so first off, I'd like to say this: I've seen wayyy too many girls with eyebrows that are wayyy too thin or too thick. Eyebrows are supposed to look natural, and frame your eyes.  Go for a medium. If done right, eyebrows will enhance your eyes and make you look even more gorgeous.

Rules of thumb:
1. Don't shave your eyebrows...only pluck using tweezers, get them waxed, or leave it to threading (a very painful procedure- but it lasts longer). But beware- threading and waxing too many times will make it harder for the hairs to grow back, in the case that you may want to change your eyebrow shape.
2. Only pluck from the underside of your eyebrow
3. Pluck in the direction that the hair is growing
4. Don't pluck too much!
5. Also, (for those of you who like to change their hair color), always keep your eyebrows the same color or a shade darker than the hair on your head. Anything darker or lighter than that won't be flattering.

Deciding what shape to pluck your eyebrows in...
-The start of your eyebrow should begin parallel to the inner corner of your eye.
-The end of your eyebrow should end diagonal to the outer corner of your eye.
-The eyebrow should arch where the your iris (the colored part of your eye) is when you look straight forward ,even though this is subjective, because some people arches are more...archy?, while other people prefer a more natural, arch- its up to you! But at the same time don't make your eyebrows too round, without any arch- it won't enhance your eyes as much.

Remember, what looks best eyebrow-wise varies for every person, but you can be the best judge of what looks natural and compliments you best.  Here is a picture of nice eyebrows to give you all an idea:

Note the arch, its not too thick or thin, and the eyebrow are only a little darker than her hair. Perfecto!

If you have an unsteady hand or don't trust your tweezing skills, you can always go get them done by a professional.  Better safe than sorry.  But I hope the article helped at least some of you.

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