Monday, June 16, 2008

Romance (mwah) in fashion

I am so happy romantic peices are back in style for the summer.

Romantic peices: peices with flowers, frills, ruffles, sheer material, bows, floaty, feminine, that soft look is pretty much in. And I'm completely in love with it. Most of the pieces in this style end up being really soft colors, like white, pink, peach, and flesh tones. Ah perfect for summer!

These cream-colored earrings (Left; Forever 21, $3.80)

Haha and these very very similar but more expensive earrings by Urban Outfitters (Left and Right; Urban outfitters, $12)

These headbands: (Left; Forever 21, $2.80)

Or this dress from Forever 21 (Left; Forever 21, $24.80)

This white tunic, (Left; Urban Outfitters $38. Right; Urban outfitters, $32)

Then there are the sheer tops (Left; urban Outfitters, $58)

These other cute tops (Left; Urban Outfitters, $38.  Right; Urban outfitters, $48)

There also these tops: (left; Urban Outfitters, $42.  Right; Banana Republic, $69)

More tops: (Left; Bloomingdales, $74.  Right; Bloomingdales, $148)
I especially like the floral collar on the top to the right- I've seen it a lot when shopping in other stores too. 

On the Runway:
Jill Stuart:

Luca Luca

You can see on the runway pictures the soft colors, sheer materials, and the flowy clothing. 

Oh by the way, I saw Kung Fu panda with the boyfriend, and it wasn't half as good as the old disney movies. I kinda want my $11 back (theaters in New York seem pretty overpriced), haha.  
I've also been trying to link people lately, I'm starting to love reading other people's fashion blogs.  So please please if you want to link, let me know! I'd love to.
And my physics class starts this thursday. Wish me luck.

-New York Chique


Copycat Sasha said...

That sucks that Kung Fu Panda wasn't good, I wanted to see it but now so many people have said it was bad..
And the romantic look is definitely very pretty, just I wouldn't wear it very well!
And of course I'll link! We're fellow new yorkers after all right? :D

Sinead said...

Oh no, I wanted to see Kung Fu Panda :( Oh well. I'll rent it.
I love the romantic look! I wear it even when it's not in fashion :P I can't get enough of light flowy tops, especially for the summer. That dress from f21 would be perfect for a walk on the beach...

I'm linking you as I type, btw!

Vintage Vinyl said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! And yes, I would love to link.
ps. nice picks for romance! very nice.

Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Hey, thanks for your comment, and aww i thought kung fu panda looked good! Oh well, and yes i totally love the romantic trend too, it's so whimsical and dreamish, love it!

Sarah! said...

OMG! I know, that sheer top from urban is great. And yes let's link.

Miss at la Playa said...

I love Jill Stuart, the dresses are so beautiful.

I'll add you to my links asap :)

Emily said...

with the official start of summer this saturday, this is such a relevant post. i'm particularly fond of studs, and i've been looking for a vintage pair at the flea market!

Wendy said...

I've fallen head over heels for romantic and feminine pieces on the runway.

miss hautttefashion said...

i love those gorgeous earrings, i need to get some like those! the only flower-y earrings ihave similar to that are from hawaii and pretty gaudy...

hmm. well. i still want to see kung fu panda! just to say i saw it..haha

Times of Glory said...

You pick up some pretty but also wearable summer outfits! The f21 dress is very sweet! I also love Jill Stuart - a great collection xx

Kira Fashion said...

very chic stuff!!


a kiss!!!

She's Dressing Up said...

Oh I love the Jill Stewart collection!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have just discovered your blog. I like it so much!
Great colours, so warm and sweet!

Sharifa said...

Ahhhh.I've wanted a pair of rose earrings forever.

p.s- i feature alot of indie music on my"thursday playlists"

Anonymous said...

i´ll add you to my blog later this evening!
my english isn´t that good neither!
i saw in your profile that you are from ny!
Great city... i wanna go there someday!

kisses :D

Anonymous said...

I would love to exchange links!
Great blog!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Sure, let's link up! I seriously want those F21 earrings, though.

Anonymous said...

I have an obsession with ruffles! haha

p.s. I'd love to trade links with you! I shall add you right this minute!

Mimi said...

I've been looking for those earrings for so long time. I think they look just gorgeous.

CoutureCarrie said...

Delish! Loving ruffles and all that girly jazz. I have the ring version of those rose earrings from Forever 21 - so amazing and affordable!

Anonymous said...

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