Sunday, July 6, 2008


So why the big deal on yellow? Well, I realized I almost have nothing yellow in my wadrobe. I only have a pair of earings that looked like these (to the left; Forever 21, $3.80) and a v-neck tee shirt. Not very impressive for a fashionista. So I decided that I would make a post of lovely clothing that I think are really cute and will aspire to get sometime.

Now, I have no idea how I could be halfway through the summer without yellow! It has so many benefits. Not only is it an attention-grabbing color and will make anyone stand out at the beach, but it's a bright happy color and makes everyone look tanner. A total win-win situation.

So here are some lovely ways to wear yellow! I tried t mix both affordable + splurge items, so hope you enjoy.

I love love love the mix white roses and warm sun yellow (Left; Urban Outfitters, $60), and a little out of my price range, but: (Right; Catherine Malandrino, $259)

I never even go to hottopic (With the dark lights, loud music, and strange things they sell I honestly find it a little scary), but I saw this amazing radio shirt online. I'd totally wear it on one of those days where I want to look relaxed but cute. (Left; Hottopic, $22) And something about the pattern on the Mandee's shirt made me fall in love with that top.(Right; Mandees, $26)

The delias top is just really adorable. (Left; Delias, $29) And a little out of my price range, but also cute: (Right; Catherine Malandrino, $225)

The feminine ruffle top also caught my eye, (Right; Bloomingdales, $178).

Bathing Suits:
These are both single peice bathing suits, but they look so flattering! haha I usually opt for the two-peice, but in these cases I think that i wouldnt mind wearing a single peice at all!
(Left; Urban Outfitters, $98) (Right; Delias, $38) .

And then we come to the famous itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. (Below; Urban outfitters, $30)

These are both nice and casual bags I could see myself going out to the city with or if I just need to grab a bag to bring around. (Left; Urban outfitters, $150) (Right; Urban outfitters, $68)

This envelope straw clutch looks really dainty- and the other bag is a pretty clutch, and since I love love ombre, I had to throw it in the post! (Left; Urban outfitters, $38) (Right; Bloomingdales, $110)

Ahh how could anyone not love marc jacobs? (Below; Marc Jacobs, $398)

Other Accessories:
I thought the ring was beautiful. (Left; Urban outfitters, $18) The scarf/headwrap has a really sweet print (Right; Urban outfitters, $20).

Ah I actually saw these glasses the other day when I went to Urban, and I tried them on for the bf. I thought the looked pretty good on me, but I wasn't in the mood to spend money on sunglasses when I have a billion already, but I still think they're adorable. (Left; Urban outfitters, $18). the rose earings are also really cute and I could se eit complimenting alot of things in my wadrobe. (Right; Urban outfitters, $3.80)

This bracelet is also very pretty. (Below; Bloomingdales, $88)

Shorts/ Skirts:
The shorts look so chic! And I could see the skirt making an amazing outfit also. these are definetly things i'm going to strive to get before fall comes around. (Left; Neiman Marcus, $165) (Right; Delias, $27)

This mustard colored skirt is beautiful (Left; Malene Birger, $225)

Dresses have become my favorite things to wear for summer.
(Left; Urban outfitters, $48) (Right;Urban Outfitters, $48)

(Left; Urban Outfitters, $48) (Right; Neiman Marcus, $368)

(Left; Mandees, $25) (Right; Vera Wang, $347)

More splurges but this print is lovely: (Right; Marc Jacobs, $252) And this looks so nice and cool for summer (Left; Milly, $274)

Tell me which ones are your favorites- hope this has inspired you to wear some new colors and you like the post,
-New York Chique


La Femme Chic said...

i loooooove that yellow scarf! its perfect, it's so me!
great post btw : )

sleepyhead said...

i didn't have any yellow in my wardrobe either, but the other i was thrifting and found a beautiful canary yellow dress.

kathrin said...

very yellow .... :) i should invest in some yellow. great colour.

La Femme Chic said...

i would love to link up! i've added you :)

Vintage Vinyl said...

YUM! I just love the colour yellow. I have some yellow high waisted shorts I am dying to wear soon!
Great post :)

Emily said...

Gorgeous! Yellow is one of my favorite colors!

icon said...

i have absolutly no yellow in my closet. Its actually quite hard finding the perfect yellow color, neight too bright nor too dark. Great post.

icon said...

and by neight i meant neither ;]

Anonymous said...

Great post, yellow is HOT :D

Nice work!

LINDA said...

Yellow is an amazing colour, and it makes me sad when people think yellow makes others look frumpy. You know, because it doesn't. :[

And thanks for linking me. I'll definitely return the favor. x)

Miss Woo said...

I love the yellow swimsuits! Little bit of 50s glamour at the sea side.

and thanks for the link btw, I linked you back! :)

La Femme Chic said...

p.s i've tagged you

Sharifa said...

yellow is flattering on EVERYONE.
that's why i love it :)

xxreadyxxsetgoxx said...

Hey thanks for linking me :)
I'll add you in a bit.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is amazing!

icon said...

i would love to trade links

Kira Fashion said...

I do love yellow, ones of my favorites colors :)

a kiss!!

Anonymous said...

It looks pretty good