Monday, October 13, 2008


Okay, let me start off by saying that Halloween is (besides Christmas) my favorite holiday!

When I was little, it was a day where in school (if it landed on a school day) all we would do is color those silly pumpkin pictures or make a scarecrow out of paper and eat tons of cupcakes and candy.

Then, when I was in middle school, I still got candy (even though I stopped tricker treating towards the end of my middle school years), and it was a time to dress up and hang out with friends and watch scary movies.

Then I have to admit, for the past two years of highschool I took it easy on halloween, because costumes get to be a bit pricey, and I don't know, I just wasn't as interested in it- well honestly, my mom kind of banned me from going to the parties because of the alcohol (ugh.). So basically, for the last two years I've just been giving candy to the people who pass by. Bummer, right? But this year I picked it up again to go to the NYC Halloween parade thanks to one of my close friends. wooooh =D

I've been thinking of what costumes to get, and while I was online window shopping, these are the costumes I really liked and am considering. I concentrated on the three major costume shops in new york, Ricky's, Spirit, and Halloween Adventure.

The Dirty Cop:

This costs $54.99 at Halloween Adventure.
Details: Includes a bengaline snap front navy dress with attached vinyl boned waist corset and neck collar, hat, fazu razor blade necklace, removable name badge, belt, handcuffs and an evidence bag which contains a faux needle and mini plastic bag. Sunglasses not included.

Lil' Red Riding Hood:

This costs $69.99 at Ricky's.
Details: Includes Hooded Cape & Peasant Top Dress. Basket and petticoat not included.

Option #2

This costs $42.99 at Ricky's (much cheaper than the other one, and still looks good)

Foxy Firefighter:

This costs $44.99 at Halloween Adventure.
Details: Includes a black, zipper-front mini dress with yellow reflective tape trim, and an inflatable fire extinguisher. Plastic fire hat sold separately. Boots are not included.
-Oooh comes with an inflatable extinguisher. Haha I like that, it's cute. =]

Sassy Sailor:

Costs: $49.99 at Ricky's.
Details: Includes sailor hat with anchor patch and halter dress with double breasted buttons and rope bell with anchor charm.

Pretty Pirate:

Costs: $49.99 at Spirit.
Details: includes peasant top dress with jeweled broach. Does not come with pirate hat, stockings or boots.
(The hat can be bought at Spirit's for $29.99)

Option #2

The color isn't as cool in my opinion, but it does give off a darker, more bad-girl vibe than the first one.

The Classic French Maid:

I know, I know, kind of cliche', but hey, if its flattering, I'd go for it.
Costs: $49.99 at Spirit.
Details: includes puffed sleeves, dress with apron, feather duster. Does not have choker, stockings or shoes.

Peasant/Beer Girl:

Costs: $49.99 at Halloween Adventure.
Details: Includes dress, and thigh high stockings. Shoes not included.
The main reason I like these costumes is that they also sell a beer-shaped purse that you can use with it. =]

Queen of Hearts:

Costs: $59.99 at Ricky's.
Details: Includes dress and neck piece...there's no mention of the little hat on the girl's head, so I guess that doesn't come with it? I love the feel of this costume, but I wouldn't like wearing the neck piece or hat. And without those, the costume becomes blah.


Costs: $33 at Halloween Adventure.
Details: Includes mini halter dress, whistle and socks. Does not come with heels.

Race Car Girl

Costs: $49.99 at Ricky's.
Details: Dress only. Shoes and helmet not included.

Option #2

Costs: $44.99 at Halloween Adventure.
Details: Dress only. Shoes and helmet not included.
I actually like this red on much better- even though the more modest might have to put lycra shorts underneath, judging by the slit on the side of the dress.

Just for Kicks! Miss Wasilla!

Costs: $23.99 (but must be pre ordered)
Details: Includes sash and glasses only.
Lame! You're basically paying for a piece of fabric that says 'miss alaska' and fake glasses. But hahahhaa I can't believe someone actually made Sarah Palin into a Halloween costume. =D

So yeah. Those are the halloween costumes that I thought would be nice to wear this year. =]
Oh, and for anyone else who is looking around for costumes (especially in ny)
Halloween Adventure:

And for anyone who loves online shopping, this is a greatt greatt site! It really helps because 1) it has every costume imaginable, and 2) you can read the reviews/comments other people make about the costume.

And ahh for anyone that is planning on going to any of these stores in new york, I would recommend going to Halloween Adventure. Even though Ricky's has more of a reputation, Halloween Adventure is 10x bigger (and fun to go to!), with a lotttt more selection. Compared to Halloween Adventure, Ricky's looks really limited, and doesn't sell half as many costumes.

And thats it for now.

P.S., I became a "follower" of everyone who was on my blogroll. I'd love it if everyone returned the favor! I'm actually really glad that blogger added this,it seems like it'll be a lot easier to comment on everyone's blogs now. =]

So remember:
1. Follow my blog if you like my posts
2. Tell me which costumes you like! Or tell me what you're being!

Good luck shopping for costumes
-New York Chique


MR style said...

i love halloween ! if only people were celebratin in Paris !

Anonymous said...

we hardly celebrate halloween here, but from what i see... it seems to be a lot of kinky costumes? hahah short skirts and themes and role playing? hmm.

Spandexpony said...

He he! I think the sailor one could do double duty after halloween... maybe a top or swimsuit coverup in summer?

Copycat Sasha said...

Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday! That sailor costume looks kind of nice, but I think you should skip on the referee one

Daffernia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
issa said...

haha yay for halloween.. i love dressing up in costumes.. etc.. so any reason to dress up is good for me! it does crack me up that when i look up costumes online all the costume shops seem to just stick the word "sexy" in front of any costume for women. there's even a sexy sponge bob costume. ridiculous.

i'd vote for queen of hearts!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could have a party to attend :(
ii would be a glamourous witch :)

Dana (MODAna) said...

I like your blog, I just don't use the blogger following tool
I am pro making costumes, not spending tons of money on something cheaply made you'll wear once
I vote - dress up as a celebrity, it's the easiest, most recognizable and you still look cute

La Femme Chic said...

I became a follower! and I'm being a pussycat doll for Halloween. Although Miss Wasilla is tempting....

AusAnna said...

i wish we did halloween in australia like you guys do. i love the red riding hood. so fitting. :)x

Sammie said...

i absolutely love halloween, mostly because it's my birthday haha. i really like the sailor costume. i'm gonna be a cheetah!

MW said...

be a sassy sailor!

icon said...

mmmmm, i kinda like costumes that are sexy but not sluty. I've seen cute sailors and pilot's costumes. This year im being one of three blind mice. have fun!

Anonymous said...

i do loove halloween! i love making my own costumes tho, since everywhere you turn, there's another girl with the same one on as you!

La C

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Ive unfortunately lost the love of halloween. hopefully ill get it back soon..I miss it

Vintage Vinyl said...

Haha, why do all women costumes have to be "sexy" this or "kinky" that? It's so funny, actually. I have a friend that went as Sarah Palin, it was an amazing costume.

Dana (MODAna) said...

well, I was actually Kim Kardashian
(I'm a loser)
I don't like paying for costumes :s

Nisey♥Smooches said...

wow talk about halloween those costumes were something else alright :)

ModelMuch said...

I was a cat :)
i just did some dark makeup and i put eyeliner for whiskers :)

it was really fun :D
btw. i love your blogs
its so fashiony :D
you seem very fashiony xD
haha i started a blog because you inspired me!

Carina Blogarina said...

So, did you ever dress up a celeb? Looking for c eleb dress up tips! :)

katty said...

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