Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why Sarah Palin Scares Me

Despite the title of this post, I always try to keep an open mind. And Gov. Sarah Palin isn't running for president- she's running to be the VP, but I thought that since she's getting so much media attention (she's practically a celebrity!) and with the presidents...err..."delicate" state of age, she's worth looking at. I support Obama, but I want to try to show people Sarah Palin and her views.

In this post, I will discuss:

First: Palin's views
Second: My reaction to some of her views
Third: A note for the voters.

These are her views. I got them off the internet, I didn't write them. I just thought it was a nice summary of her views without having to go throw all the dibble dabble of her interviews.
Sarah Palin on Abortion:
-Rejected sympathy for Down's Syndrome son, as gift from God. (Aug 2008)
-Opposes embryonic stem cell research. (Aug 2008)
-Every baby is created with a future and potential. (Aug 2008)
-Safe Haven bill: allow surrendering newborns without penalty. (Feb 2008)
-Adoption is best plan for permanency for foster care kids. (Oct 2007)
-Pro-life. (Nov 2006)
-Choose life, even if her own daughter were raped. (Nov 2006)
-If Roe v. Wade got overturned, let people decide what's next. (Oct 2006)
-Opposes use of public funds for abortions. (Oct 2006)
-Pro-contraception, pro-woman, pro-life. (Aug 2006)
-Only exception for abortion is if mother's life would end. (Jul 2006)

Sarah Palin on Budget & Economy
-Control spending by request if possible; by veto if needed. (Sep 2008)
-$7 billion savings plan for education & transportation. (Dec 2007)
-Reduced general fund spending by $124 million. (Mar 2007)
-Aim to reduce general fund spending by $150 million. (Jan 2007)
-Firm believer in free market capitalism. (Nov 2006)
-Coordinate state tourism marketing but no additional funding. (Oct 2006)

Sarah Palin on Civil Rights
-Vetoed bill denying benefits to gays, as unconstitutional. (Aug 2008)
-ADA brings expanded freedom to Americans with disabilities. (Jul 2008)
-Recognize Juneteenth to celebrate the end of slavery. (Jun 2008)
-HIV/AIDS among Alaska Natives is public health crisis. (Mar 2008)
-Recognize Martin Luther King holiday. (Jan 2008)
-Comply with same-sex partner benefits despite disagreement. (Dec 2006)
-Marriage only be between and man and a woman. (Nov 2006)
-Value our cultural diversity. (Nov 2006)
-Prefers term "anti-rural" to "anti-Native". (Nov 2006)
-Special legislative session on same-sex health benefits. (Nov 2006)
-Ok to deny benefits to homosexual couples. (Aug 2006)
-No spousal benefits for same-sex couples. (Jul 2006)
-Top priorities include preserving definition of "marriage". (Jul 2006)

Sarah Palin on Corporations
-Governor must act as effective CEO on behalf of Alaskans. (Nov 2006)
-Encourage small business growth by reducing business taxes. (Nov 2006)

Sarah Palin on Crime
-Establish "FBI Day" to support fighting global crime. (Jun 2008)
-Register sex offenders; & investigate internet sex crimes. (Jun 2008)
-Victims' rights are critical to "justice for all". (Mar 2008)
-We are tough on crime and beefing up law enforcement. (Jan 2008)
-Collect DNA samples from felons. (Jun 2007)
-Gang members on probation must wear electronic monitors. (Jun 2007)
-Maximum sentence for first-degree murder by police. (Apr 2007)
-If legislature passed death penalty law, I would sign it. (Nov 2006)
-Strong public safety presence, via police, courts & prisons. (Nov 2006)
-Death penalty for adults who murder children. (Oct 2006)
-No special hate-crime laws; all heinous crime is hate-based. (Jul 2006)
-No expansion of gambling in Alaska. (Jul 2006)

Sarah Palin on Drugs
-Highway fatalities down because of strict drunk driving laws. (Aug 2008)
-Maintain alcohol sale database; bar giving alcohol to minors. (Jun 2007)
-Questions cruise ship gambling, under casino gambling ban. (Oct 2006)
-Opposes legalizing marijuana, but meth is greater threat. (Aug 2006)
-Smoked marijuana when it was legal under Alaska law. (Aug 2006)
-Top priorities include gangs & drugs; they harm family life. (Jul 2006)

Sarah Palin on Education
-Teach creationism alongside evolution in schools. (Aug 2008)
-Supports teaching intelligent design in public schools. (Aug 2008)
-294 Alaska public schools progressed under NCLB. (Aug 2008)
-School debate should focus on accountability. (Jan 2008)
-Committed to providing strong education, including morals. (Jan 2008)
-Budget funds education, but will to work is also critical. (Jan 2008)
-Court ruling against NEA: state adequately funds education. (Jun 2007)
-Fully fund K-12 and support early funding of education. (Jan 2007)
-Supports $20 million needs-based aid for U. Alaska. (Nov 2006)
-Forward-fund K-12 schools to allow better planning. (Nov 2006)
-Supports charter schools, home schools, & other alternatives. (Nov 2006)
-Target early education programs to at-risk groups. (Nov 2006)
-Alignment between parents, teachers, schools, & business. (Nov 2006)
-Faith-based materials ok in homeschooling. (Nov 2006)
-ABC method: back to basics, plus patriotism & ethics. (Nov 2006)
-Supports parental choice for what is best for their children. (Nov 2006)
-Don't push school boards on creationism but allow discussion. (Oct 2006)
-I believe we have a creator; and many theories of evolution. (Oct 2006)
-Support charters & home schools; not private school vouchers. (Oct 2006)
-Let parents opt out of schoolbooks they find offensive. (Jul 2006)
-Parents know best, about school spending & school age. (Jul 2006)
-Pledge of Allegiance with 'Under God' is good enough. (Jul 2006)

Sarah Palin on Energy & Oil
-Produce more of our own oil & gas, for national security. (Sep 2008)
-Gas pipeline:history's largest private-sector infrastructure. (Sep 2008)
-More pipelines; more nukes; more coal; more alternatives. (Sep 2008)
-Claimed major triumph: $500 million subsidy for gas pipeline. (Aug 2008)
-Global warming affects Alaska, but is not man-made. (Aug 2008)
-Resource rebate: suspend AK 8-cent fuel tax for one year. (Aug 2008)
-Gasline Inducement Act: 1,715-mile natural gas pipeline. (Aug 2008)
-Commercialize Alaska's North Slope natural gas. (Aug 2008)
-Appointed an Alaska oil and gas commissioner. (Aug 2008)
-To win, GOP must push energy independence. (Aug 2008)
-Agrees with Obama on more Alaska oil & gas production. (Aug 2008)
-Windfall oil profits tax prevents investment. (Aug 2008)
-Lift moratorium on offshore drilling. (Jul 2008)
-Convinced McCain to drill offshore; not yet on drilling ANWR. (Jul 2008)
-Exxon-Mobil should pay $507 million for Exxon Valdez spill. (Jul 2008)
-Unlock ANWR; we're ready, willing and able to contribute. (Jun 2008)
-Energy relief plan: $100 per person monthly, for oil & gas. (May 2008)
-Bush is right: drill ANWR & develop our own supplies. (Apr 2008)
-Fully fund for the Petroleum Systems Integrity Office. (Feb 2008)
-$250M for proven alternative energy, including wind & hydro. (Jan 2008)
-Gas pipelines are approved if they meet Alaska's needs. (Jan 2008)
-National energy policy not an either/or proposition. (Nov 2007)
-Fund cellulosic biofuel research in Farm Bill. (Oct 2007)
-Submitted legislation to build natural AGIA gas pipeline. (Mar 2007)
-Stranded Gas Development Act no longer applies. (Nov 2006)
-Get ANWR open. (Nov 2006)
-Chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. (Nov 2006)
-Pursue gasline plan that is best for ALL Alaskans. (Nov 2006)
-Met with producers and employee groups for pipeline deal. (Oct 2006)
-Firm start date as part of gasline incentive offer. (Oct 2006)
-Opposes natural gas reserves tax--it's not earned income yet. (Oct 2006)
-Analyze potential costs associated with climate change. (Oct 2006)

Sarah Palin on Environment
-Opposed protections for salmon from mining contamination. (Aug 2008)
-Sue US government to stop listing polar bear as endangered. (Aug 2008)
-We must encourage timber, mining, drilling, & fishing. (Jan 2008)
-Wolf predator control is important for subsistence hunters. (Sep 2007)
-Feds shouldn't list beluga whales as endangered. (Aug 2007)
-Provide stability in regulations for developers. (Jan 2007)
-Convince the rest of the nation to open ANWR. (Jan 2007)
-Fish platform: "Resource First" philosophy. (Nov 2006)
-Rail provides critical link for business development. (Nov 2006)
-Supports "Roads to Resources": subsidized access to mines. (Oct 2006)
-Don't duplicate effort in monitoring cruise ship emissions. (Oct 2006)
-Don't amend AK constitution for rural subsistence fishing. (Oct 2006)

Sarah Palin on Families & Children
-Special-needs children will have her as a friend & advocate. (Sep 2008)
-17-year-old unmarried daughter is 5 months pregnant. (Sep 2008)
-Praised by pro-life groups for keeping Down syndrome baby. (Aug 2008)
-Recognize the vital role of family child care homes. (Mar 2008)
-Opposes explicit sex-education programs. (Jul 2006)

Sarah Palin on Foreign Policy
-Visiting injured soldiers in Germany was trip of a lifetime. (Sep 2008)
-Get Ukraine into NATO, and maybe Georgia. (Sep 2008)
-Peace Corps strengthens US ties abroad & enriches US at home. (Jan 2007)

Sarah Palin on Free Trade
-Trade important to Alaska, but keep Alaska residents first. (Sep 2008)
-Allow wineries to ship by mail within state. (Jun 2008)
-International markets and companies trust Alaska. (Apr 2008)
-Exempt Alaskan cruise ships from customs rule changes. (Dec 2007)
-Record-high exports; growth of 12.6% since last year. (Feb 2007)

Sarah Palin on Government Reform
-Shook up the good-ol' boys network with major ethics reform. (Sep 2008)
-Vetoed nearly half a billion dollars in wasteful spending. (Sep 2008)
-McCain: She's a soul-mate who implemented ethics reform. (Aug 2008)
-Killed "bridge to nowhere" project as unneeded. (Aug 2008)
-Supported infamous "Bridge to Nowhere"; now criticizes it. (Aug 2008)
-Individuals make better decisions than government. (Aug 2008)
-Fight "bridge to nowhere" and all earmarks. (Jul 2008)
-VECO scandal & Stevens indictment shows need for GOP cleanup. (Jul 2008)
-Comprehensive ethics reform: change politics as usual. (Jul 2007)
-Presented comprehensive ethics bill in early 2007. (Mar 2007)
-Sell previous governor's jet on eBay--it's impractical. (Dec 2006)
-Attended numerous debates & did not avoid any unnecessarily. (Oct 2006)
-Supports state funding for Gravina Island bridge. (Oct 2006)

Sarah Palin on Gun Control
-Hunts and fishes, as did her father. (Aug 2008)
-Hunts as much as she can; freezer-full of wild game. (Aug 2008)
-Supports ending D.C.'s 32-year-old ban on handguns. (Jun 2008)
-Lifelong NRA member & champion of right to bear arms. (Feb 2008)
-Supports Constitutional right to bear arms. (Nov 2006)

Sarah Palin on Health Care
-Signed up as organ donor; Alaska leads the states. (Apr 2008)
-Health care must be market-and business-driven. (Jan 2008)
-Take personal responsibility for personal health & all areas. (Jan 2008)
-Doctors should manage health care, not bureaucracies. (Jan 2008)
-Personal responsibility & choices key to good health. (Jan 2008)
-Flexibility in government regulations to allow competition. (Nov 2006)
-More affordable health care via competition. (Nov 2006)

Sarah Palin on Homeland Security
-Energy is a foundation of national security. (Sep 2008)
-Only a very small percent of Islamic believers are extreme. (Sep 2008)
-Agrees with Bush Doctrine, if enough legitimate intel. (Sep 2008)
-Focus on fighting Al-Qaeda terrorists, not on reading rights. (Sep 2008)
-Strong military and sound energy. (Aug 2008)
-Armed forces, including my son, give us security and freedom. (Jan 2008)
-Ask all candidates "Are you doing all you can for security?". (Oct 2007)
-Visits Kuwait; encourages Alaska big game hunting to troops. (Sep 2007)
-Obligation to support our troops, even if criticizing war. (Jun 2007)
-Proclaim "Loyalty Day" to reaffirm loyalty to America. (Apr 2007)
-Promote from within, in Alaska's National Guard. (Nov 2006)
-Let military personnel know how much we support them. (Nov 2006)

Sarah Palin on Immigration
-Has not often expressed views on illegal immigration. (Aug 2008)
-OpEd: Palin is sick to death of this immigration nonsense. (Mar 2008)
-Address jointly with Canada the border security challenges. (Jan 2007)
-Immigrants want more vocational training & senior assistance. (Oct 2006)
-Took no action on Alaska's "sanctuary cities". (Sep 2006)
-Tightened restrictions on illegal alien's drivers licenses. (Sep 2006)

Sarah Palin on Jobs
-Alaska Construction Academy: 2,520 students learn skills. (Aug 2008)
-Leverage job-training dollars thru voc-tech curriculum. (Nov 2006)
-Focus Workforce Investment Board on vocational careers. (Nov 2006)
-Praised the Red Dog zinc mine for bringing rural jobs. (Oct 2006)
-Department of Fish and Game is under-funded. (Oct 2006)
-Unions should get member permission for political donations. (Jul 2006)

Sarah Palin on Principles & Values
-There is a plan for this world and that plan is for good. (Sep 2008)
-Small towns produced Harry Truman as V.P.; and produced me. (Sep 2008)
-Signed up for PTA; then ran for City Council; then Mayor. (Sep 2008)
-OpEd: shores up McCain as a conservative AND as a maverick. (Sep 2008)
-Before selection, questioned role of vice president. (Sep 2008)
-Miss Congeniality in statewide beauty pageant in 1984. (Aug 2008)
-Star high school athlete in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. (Aug 2008)
-Gained political prominence as a whistleblower. (Aug 2008)
-Shatter that glass ceiling once and for all. (Aug 2008)
-Trounced incumbent governor in 2006 on platform of reform. (Aug 2008)
-Fired controversial state trooper for threatening family. (Aug 2008)
-Voted "Miss Wasilla" in local beauty contest; eloped at 24. (Aug 2008)
-Husband left oil job to avoid conflict; now works for BP. (Aug 2008)
-Husband is part Eskimo; won Iron Dog snowmobile races. (Aug 2008)
-Investigated for firing ex-brother-in-law in custody battle. (Aug 2008)
-Raises kids with network of relatives, plus Todd as Mr. Mom. (Aug 2008)
-Had 6 months to adapt & prepare for Down syndrome baby. (Aug 2008)
-Studied journalism; ran for office to make a difference. (Aug 2008)
-Religion: non-denominational Bible-believing Christian. (Aug 2008)
-Independent prosecutor probing Cabinet firing. (Jul 2008)
-Replaced Public Safety commissioner based on lack of results. (Jul 2008)
-Denies all allegations in Department of Public Safety affair. (Jul 2008)
-Declare a National Day of Prayer in Alaska. (Apr 2008)
-Leadership is a responsibility to prepare for tomorrow. (Jan 2008)
-The Bible has profoundly influenced America. (Oct 2007)
-Recognize America's historic and founding Christian heritage. (Sep 2007)
-Top priorities for AK include ethics & balanced budget. (Mar 2007)
-Decries "politics as usual" of attacking opponents. (Nov 2006)
-Endorsed by Sen. Ted Stevens. (Oct 2006)
-Endorsed by United Fishermen of Alaska (commercial group). (Oct 2006)
-Fight for freedom of religion and freedom of expression. (Oct 2006)

Sarah Palin on Social Security
-Fund the Seniors Longevity Bonus Program. (Nov 2006)
-Home-based assistance more cost-effective than institutions. (Nov 2006)

Sarah Palin on Tax Reform
-Raising taxes hurts small business and hurts jobs. (Sep 2008)
-Elected mayor based on tax cut promise. (Aug 2008)
-As mayor, cut property taxes & increased sales tax. (Aug 2008)
-$60M annually for municipal revenue sharing. (Mar 2008)
-Eliminate taxes that inhibit business. (Jan 2008)
-Repeal "nuisance taxes" including the tire tax. (Jan 2007)
-Mitigate impact of new $50M annual cruise ship tourism tax. (Oct 2006)
-No income tax; no taking the people's dividends. (Oct 2006)
-Would support a seasonal sales tax, but no income tax. (Oct 2006)

Sarah Palin on Technology
-Supports $130M in research investment in U. Alaska. (Nov 2006)
-Efficient transportation system is vital to our economy. (Nov 2006)
-Alaska needs a state funded highway program. (Nov 2006)

Sarah Palin on War & Peace
-Nuclear Iran is dangerous to whole world. (Sep 2008)
-Russia's invading Georgia, unprovoked, is unacceptable. (Sep 2008)
-No new Cold War with Russia. (Sep 2008)
-Don't go to war over Georgia, but pressure Russia. (Sep 2008)
-Don't second-guess Israel if they act against nukes in Iran. (Sep 2008)
-Keep option to go into Pakistan to go after terrorists. (Sep 2008)
-McCain: She has right judgment on Iran and the surge. (Aug 2008)
-Visited Alaska National Guard troops in Kuwait. (Aug 2008)
-We don't know what the plan is to ever end the war. (Aug 2008)
-Wants exit plan; also assurances to keep our troops safe. (Mar 2007)
-We have not been attacked since 2001; so support our troops. (Oct 2006)
-I support the mission of our troops in Iraq. (Oct 2006)
-Our troops in Iraq keep us safe at home. (Oct 2006)
-I support President Bush's efforts to stop terrorism. (Oct 2006)

Sarah Palin on Welfare & Poverty
-EITC moves thousands of welfare recipients into workforce. (Jan 2008)
-Recognize Salvation Army and encourage charity to them. (Nov 2007)
-Funding for faith-based initiatives is adequate today. (Oct 2006)

Its a lot to read, but it's good to know what side she's on for every issue.

The reasons I'm against her (even thoough I'm too young to vote) is the following:
1. She's very pro-life, even if the baby is unhealthy/'defective' or in the case of rape. I'm completely pro-choice.
2. She wants to teach intelligent design in public schools. I am against this because I think that although the majority of Americans are Christians, we do not have a national religion. As a girl who's into science, I think that the best thing to do is to teach Evolution in science class, as well make a 'world religions' a part of social studies class.
3. She opposes 'explicit sex education'. This is a sticky issue, but from what I know, school sex education isn't usually 'explicit'...I mean, its not like they show us a porn video and call that a class. It's usually more scientific and just explains how the parts work, the different hormones, the menstrual cycle, blah blah blah, as well as teach about STD's, pregnancy, and contraceptives. I think sex education is okay in school, not in kindergarten, but certainly in late middle school. I don't think it's going to promote sex to kids, I think that it teaches kids to be smart about sex and allows them to be well informed.
4. She's a lifelong member of the NRA, believes in the right to bear arms. I'm very agianst guns, and think our society would be much better without them.
5. She's not for universal health care like Obama is. Canada and parts of Europe have it, I think the US would benifit from universal health care.
6. Palin/McCain are very eager to fight terrorists, and seems ready to resort to war to resolve conflicts. Sounds like another Bush. Anyway, as a pacifist, I don't really like this.
7. She also brings religion into her politics a bit- which isn't terrible, but it annoys me a bit. I don't really want a super-religious politician, I justwant someone with morals and who's most loyal to do what's good for the American people, not what the Bible or any other text says we should do.
8. This has nothing to do with her views, but she is not an eloquent speaker- she actually sounds unsure or like she doesnt understand what she's being asked sometimes. Not really someone who I want to entrust the vice-presidency to. =/

Sarah palin trying out a gun with the Lieutenant Col David Cogdell.

Sarah Palin at the Republican Convention.

This is a photoshopped picture that has been circulating the web. I think its pretty funny, considering it does encompass her views of the NRA, haha =]

Sarah Palin was also Miss Wasilla. Many people think she's a "MILF" (look it up on urban dictionary if you don't know what it stands for) and I have to admit, she is pretty. But I also think that just because of her pretty face, her gender, and I'M A HOCKEY MOM! personality, people forget to look at what she actually stands for.

So, this is a message to the people who vote in any election: always, always look at what the bottom-line is. Look through the propoganda and race/gender. Look up what each candidate believes in, and see if they share your views. Basically, just make a wise vote. Don't let all the media on this beauty queen from Alaska distract you from her actual views.

I'm for Obama (whoo!), but hopefully I was not terribly biased in this post.
Thanks for reading!
-New York Chique


issa said...

oh i do love the new layout!! and i totally agree with you! she is absolutely absurd!!! i just don't understand how people can feel sorry for her! but i can't wait for the VP debates...

Sammie said...

i love this post! i'm completely behind obama being voted into the white house, and i really don't agree with sarah palin's views at all. my biggest nightmare is john mccain being inaugurated dying shortly after and sarah palin being brought into the presidency.

Anonymous said...

That's very brave of you to speak up your mind about politics - congratulations! :)
I agree with every word you wrote. You're very wise ^^
As a Portuguese citizen I wouldn't know much about this, but I also want to live and work in the US someday - and I'm 100% Obama.
Thank you so much for this post! It really helped me clearing things up about American politics :)

And thank you so much for your lovely comment. Maybe I should follow your advice, but it's not as easy as that... But you're right. Maybe I should :)

sleepyhead said...

for being only 16 you are refreshingly articulate and well-spoken. i wholeheartedly agree with you. i thought your points were well-written.

ugh, sarah palin just annoys the crap out me.

Dana (MODAna) said...

I love the cat at the end.
I am also scared of Sarah Palin because she represents so many huge steps backward in American thinking - back to religion in schools, back to hunting, back to all these ideals that the world is shocked to find are still so prevalent in "middle American" (read not NYC or LA) households

atouchofpoison said...

100% agreed
Sarah Palin is a disgrace to America...

Ana said...

Totally agree.

First of all how could she be VP with a pregnant teenage daughter AND a child with downs syndrome?! Is she going to ignore her kids or politics?

She keeps winking which is disturbing. And it scares me that she thinks global warming isnt really man made.

Plus her own daughter is proof that her abstinence only programs dont work.

triumph110 said...

Take a look at what VP candidate Palin did as Mayor of Wasilla concerning drinking and MADD. You can see the headline post at

Vi said...

Sarah Palin's views hm...I think the only reason McCain chose her as a VP is because she's a woman, and at this point, he seems to be desperate for votes completely. Obama, although lacking in some experience, has the back-up of Joe Biden which balances out everything. Palin's emphasis on religion really annoys me because although the majority of Americans are Christians, not all are. She seems to bring God into every one of her speeches, have you noticed that?

Nature Grafitti said...

she terrifies me
i adore obama... i'm too young to vote, but i'm still helping out with the campaign locally

Hannah Cheeto said...

Wow... I pretty much agree with everything you said! I'm actually considering being Sarah Palin for Halloween, farcically (apparently that is a word?) of course.

Anonymous said...

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Zoe E.J.M. said...

hey, i'm from the uk but from what i've heard about the american election i'm totally for obama and i agree with you about sarah palin.
zoe oxox

KatherineD said...

Hey, I am also 16 and I completely agree with everything you said! I actually feel like a lot of teenagers are more well-informed about the candidates than many people in America. Its ridiculous how so many people discriminate based on race, gender, or religion - things that have nothing to do with politics! How about voting because of a candidates views, ideas, or at least intelligence?? In my personal opinion, Sarah Palin is somewhat of an idiot. She's a joke. I'm not saying Obama is the perfect candidate, but it's clear where the intelligence lies.

Ridwan said...

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