Friday, May 29, 2009

My Outfits and Ramblings

Hey it's almost summer!
Well, I'm so glad that people are still reading my blog! =]
I have some news that kind of relates to the last post:

1. Driving: I'm not going to get my license until around August, because for some reason if the permit is at leats 6 months old + the drivers ed you can get a full license, not a license with a bunch of restrictions.

2. SATs: I got my SAT scores back! I got a 2040 out of 2400, which I'm glad because I broke 2000 which was my goal- I think I might take it again, just because my math score wasn't too good (thank god the writing + reading held me up) and I want to make my scores look more balanced. In the "old" SAT scale (out of 1600), my score would be 1320. My goal was to at least get 1400 for Math+Reading, so that's more incentive to take it again.

I'll have the summer to study for the fall, so hopefully I'll get better at this stupid test to mak colleges happy. Oh boy, don't even want to think about that yet, I have some major visiting to do!

3. Rejection, finding work: I got rejected for the scholarship to go to Argentina =[ I was really upset, and went in a frenzied search to go find something to do over the summer- because the worst thing is to have absolutely nothing to do while everyone is away on trips or interning and fancy shmancy places. So I picked up application as I walked down a street a mile away from my home- I got an application from Mandees (teen clothing store, which I actally like sometimes), Fine fare 9supermarket), and McDonalds. Hahaha can you imagine!

Sadly, McDonalds is actually probably the hardest to get into, because with this economy, you probably have a whole range of people applying for jobs there. But the manager seemed really eager/nice, so I might have a shot! Plus, my mom says that sometimes they do like younger people, because they're all smiley and nice and pretty compared to the jaded, bitter about workers- though I can't blame them, McDonalds looks hectic lots of the time.

4. Working: I'm going to get my working papers soon. It's actually a semi-hassle for me because my school ends for me on Monday (I only have one final to take since I took AP classes which don't have finals), and I had to have a physical again which I took today with a new doctor. I think it's so silly that a 17 year old has to get working papers to work at a supermarket, but whatever. I will do what I have to.

5. I'M GOING TO SPAIN! The same people who rejected me from Argentina invited me to go to Spain instead. It wasn't one of my top choices, but who cares, I'm so excited! They sent me an email to say that they had "meant" to include that although I was rejected from Argentina they offered Spain, and that they had made a mistake by not letting me know at the same time. Whatever. I'm so excited right now it's unbelievable. One moment I'm scrambling to get a job here which I probably won't get, and now I get to travel to Spain for the first time for three weeks! Yayyy. I'll be able to work on my spanish! I've been to Europe before, but I've only seen France and Italy, so this is a really nice suprise. Also, unlike Argentina, at this time of the year Spain is hot hot hot. And I'm hoping to meet guys too ;)

I've also mentioned in my "sexuality" post that one of my favorite paintings was a Dali. And on the trip we get to visit the museum! So I'm realllyyy excited, and I think the museum + entire trip will help me with AP Drawing and Painting and my personal photoraphy next year, as inspiratoin.

For anyone who has gone to Spain over the summer some time, tell me about it! Maybe some tips, things to look out for, etc. Anything is appreciated.

I'm also going to *try* to work at McDonalds/Mandees/supermarket, telling them that there will be a 3 week period in which I'll be absent. The other months (june + august, basically) I'll be able to work everyday of the week, all hours available. I don't know (kinda doubting) they'd be okay with that, but I think it's better to try anyway, just in case. Because I seriously do need some extra cash.

Okay, so every once in a while I like to put up polyvore creations, which I usually do when I'm bored. I actually make myself very jealous at all the outfits I could have if I had the money to buy all of the nice designer clothing they have on there! One day, maybe :) Oldest is first, the latest is last. Enjoy! And please tell me what you think:

#1. Valentine

Valentine's Day

Casual Yellow

#3, Walking Through the City

Walking Through the City

#4, Rebellette


#5, Jumpsuit


#6, A Slightly Darker Alice

A slightly darker Alice

#7, Soft Daisy
Soft Daisy

#8, Sweet Elegance
Sweet Elegance

#9, Darker

#10, Subtle Elegance (inspired by the outfit right before)
Subtle Elegance

#11, For the Sake of Starbucks- really for the sake of a contest! Which by the way, I never win. oh well, I thought I'd show it anyway: p.s., the bag is Miu Miu! ($1,350, A lot of people asked me that a while ago and I never answered. So sorry for the late response!
For the Sake of Starbucks

#12, Sailor-esque

#13, A girly Alice

A girly Alice

#14, Material Girl. The title explains itself.
Material Girl

#15, Concert Night
Concert Night

#16, Happiness is a Warm Gun. Not my best outfit, but here it is nevertheless.
Happiness is a Warm Gun

#17, Keeping it Vintage. (LOVE the bag)

Keeping it Vintage

#18, Ruffles and Simplicity
Ruffles and Simplicity

#19, Casual Date in Central Park
Casual Date in Central Park

#20, The Life of an Artist
The Life of an Artist

I have more outfits on polyvore, but I figured after 20 your head is probably spinning from having so many on one post. So here they are!

If you want to check out my outfits, or see certain items on them, then you can always looks at my polyvore account at, "NewYorkChique" (yes, like the blog). Here's the link:

So, hope you've enjoyed the post, and make sure to comment on the outfits made, I really like to hear the opinions of other fashionistas (be it good or bad, just stay constructive).

Muchisimas gracias a todas! Continuan leyendo!

p.s.- I got a little music playlist thingy on the side. I was looking at someone's blog and they had one, and it inspired me to get one too! And I have one of the she had on hers, the one called "Plasticities". I don't remember the blog, but whoever it was, thank you so much! You've totally introduced me to a very cool song. ;]


Jess Lee said...

Cool sets! I love the studded heels and I own that peace hands t-shirt. :)

Btw, you can use the "Embed on your blog" feature of Polyvore to get embed code for adding sets to your blog. That way people can click through to the set and leave comments on it!

hrh_cesc said...

Sweet outfits. Spain, I'm so jealous!

Copycat Sasha said...

Lucky I wish I was going to spain! And good job with the polyvore outfits! I can never manage to make any good ones..

merlina.. said...

hi! it's me again :)
if you ever want to practise your spanish with me, here i am :)
anyway i love the outfits you made, You have a very good sence of fashion.
About your trip to spain (and previously argentina) is it free? which is the company who sends you? i would love to improve my english in london or the usa but really don't know who to contact.

saray said...

wow stuning sets!!

Au Revoir said...


Congrats on your SAT score, are you going to take the ACT? Any college choices yet? Good Luck!!

La Femme Chic said...

I'm completely jealous. Spain sounds amazing. Great polyvores too

Au Revoir said...

i forgot to tell you. i have a travel blog hehe...and my second entry is one about spain check it out if u get the chance =)

je ne sais quoi said...

je ne sais quoi said...

Darragh said...

wow, i really love your blog. pleasant surprise! i am definitely going to visit soon again. and SPAIN. you lucky girl. i went there last summer and it was the most beautiful place i've ever seen. honestly, everything is so old, just breath taking and i can't imagine anything more stunning. i stayed outside of madrid and in the city, i loved it. have fun.

LACY said...

beautiful outfits, you obviously have flawless style :)

je ne sais quoi said...

hi:D well..i have to say Spain is great,the weather is hot, the spanish are very funny and very friendly.I think that you will love Spain, really is a country with very culture, has a good beachs, if you go out at the night, the bars and the discos last untill morning and they are very cheap .You have to visit the Prado museum.I'm not spanish but i live very closer for SpainXD

my god you live in NY, i hope some day visit that city.well..thanks for your comment:)i hope that you understand my not very goodXD

Lily said...

Aww I am sorry about Argentina, but SPAIN! That will be an amazing trip. Take many photos! Love the outfits :)

Linda said...

Lovely outfits. I would wear them all. :D

Tariro said...

I wanna go to spain! Lol. I love those outfits!

And i kinda never do this, but can you please check out whats up of my magazine? The front page, the about page, and the credit page.

Thanks in advance!

je ne sais quoi said...

I love the clutch of NY,
where is it?

Elizabeth said...

I love your outfits! I've never used Polyvore but I think i'm about to start right now :)

Chelsea Bryan Knights said...

I'm a total Dali fan, too! It's so funny, I posted a blog about my own experience viewing Dali's work just before I ran into this post.

LoLee said...

amazing sets!
i luv your blog. xx

Anonymous said...

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Aud said...

I love the combination outfits thing (especially #11-Starbucks!) Do you make those yourself or find them online?

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