Monday, June 29, 2009

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I'm leaving for Spain tomorrow! I'm all done packing, all I have to do is paint my toe nails (I'm in love with this coral color I have- it goes well with my skin tone, I think!), paint my finger nails (nude color, since I don't know how often I'll have time to paint them and I hate hate hate chipped finger nails!). I'm bringing my sketch pad, at the suggestoin of my drawing and painting teacher, and my digital camera. The rest is essentials and clothes clothes clothes! Besides shorts/tops I packed 8 dresses, because I figured since I'd be there for 3 weeks, there was no harm in bringing them. Plus, I couldn't choose which ones to bring! I love them all =] haha. I've become a dress-addict. But apparently theres a heat wave passing through Spain, so I think they'll be good to wear.

The down side- I won't have my cell phone since I odn't have an international plan, and I'm not bringing my ipod because 1) if it's stolen/lost my parents would kill me and I'd probably cry (it's the first/only ipod I've ever had), and 2) I don't know if I'll have the time/means to charge it (since I think you have to get a converter to charge things in Europe? oh well.)

Geez so much stuff has been going on! Some of it pleases me, some of it doesn't. I hope that while I'm in Spain I don't lose track of whats been going on here!

Assasination, George Tiller: What is wrong with us?! and those people in Kansas. Sometimes I am so disgusted.

Ssometimes I hear things on the news that just form a knot in my stomach- one of those things being the killing of George Tiller a little more than a week ago.

Background: The situation took place in Wichita, Kansas- a doctor, George Tiller, had a clinic that performed late term abortions. This caused anti-abortion groups such as Operation Rescue (an extremist group) to basically harrass and stake out at the clinic for years- which has been bombe, blockaded, and vandalized before. Turns out he had already been shot by someone from Operation Rescue in both arms many years ago, so he was well aware that there were many dangers to continuing his practice- but he did anyway. Then, on May 31st this year he got shot while serving as an usher in church...yeah, classy, I know. The killer, Scott Roeder, was caught.

Before people go up in arms, here are some truths: (haha, well, to the internet's knowledge)

Late term abortions=totally legal: law prohibits aborting fetuses that could live outside the womb - unless two doctors certify the pregnancy would cause the mom"substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.", which Dr. Tiller cited that reason for aborting hundreds of viable fetuses over the years at his clinic. He was well-known for providing abortions for women who discovered late in pregnancy that their fetuses had severe or fatal birth defects. He also aborted healthy late-term fetuses. Some of his patients, he said, were drug addicted and some were as young as 9 years old. Dr. Tiller, called access to abortion "a matter of survival for women," refused to give up his practice." (from the Wall Street Journal)

Obama says: President Barack Obama said he was "shocked and outraged" by the killing, saying that profound differences over abortion "cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."

And you know what? He's completely right. I know readers are bound to be divided on the subject, but you know whats really scary about this situation? That people decided they could take the law into their own hands, which isn't right. What Dr. Tiller was doing was legal, and he should've been left alone for this reason. But no, people thought they knew better than the law. People cannot take the law into their own hands every time they disagree! Then what would this country go to? Democracy made the law how it is, they should be fighting in court, not in a church. Ugh!

Speaking of Obama: I'm soo happy that he passed legislation to try to curb climate change. I'm just really happy he cares about the environement. =D He's already won me over! Yay earth!

Forever 21: I know that Forever 21 is infamous for all those intellectual property lawsuits and a lot of people call it tacky, but I'm a fan, and I've always shopped there. Although there's a lot of things I wouldn't wear, there are a lot of nice, cute things there! Of course, you have to try it on first to decide that since so many things look different on the racks than they do on the body. And although people say that their clothes "fall apart", all of the previoulsy bought clothing from there hasn't fallen apart yet- maybe they're just wearing it too roughly? or washing it with bad detergent? or maybe just picking out the flimsy/bad clothes they have, because I am utterly content with my clothes from there. Cheap and cute- if you stay away from some of the outrageous patterns. Call me a fool, but Forever 21 is my best friend.

Anyway, I'm mentioning it because I'm in love! I bought several summer dresses and a super cheap pair of jeans, and they're so pretty! Haha I just thought I'd mention how happy I am, and how happy I am to add it to my collection of summer dresses already from Forever 21.

Urban Outfitters: Urban is (was) my jewelry best friend. I barely buy anymore though, because I haven't been there in a while- I used to stop by all the time when I volunteered nearby. Anyway, I'd like to say how dissapointed I was when I went there this weekend! I went to their "yard sale", and I could not find anything worth the money. ='[. I'm thinking it might've been different if I got there earlier, all those chic girls probably beat me to the chase.

But as I was walking out, I saw one of their cute leather jackets! And I was like awww I always wanted a leather jacket but I never got one this year. Anyway, I look at the tag- and it's not even on sale/discounted! Haha I was totally expecting at least a little bit of a discount since it's a leftover from spring, I mean, who buys leather jackets in the middle of the summer? And it reminded me of how ridiculous Urban is at pricing sometimes, and I left the store. Oh welllll.

Okay, so here are more outfits from polyvore. I'm sorry they're not super-new, but I haven'tposted them on here, so I thought what the heck =]

#1 Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

#2, I am the Walrus
I Am the Walrus

#3, Wasted Youth
Wasted Youth

#4, What a Lovely Morning
What a Lovely Morning

#5, Later in the Evening
Later in the Evening

#6, Simplicity
#7, Nice Weather

Nice Weather

#8, Romantic Spring
Romantic Spring

#9, If I Could Wear What I Wished
If I Could Wear What I Wished, I

#10, If I Could Wear What I Wished II
If I Could Wear What I Wished, II

#11, Let's Visit Art Galleries
Lets Visit Art Galleries
Maybe, Maybe, if I'm brave enough, I'll take pictures of my outfits in Spain. But I've always felt really self conscious of my fashion- and you know, I feel like it's so much more personal when people critique actual outfits than when people critique polyvore outfits- also, I don't really have that much of a budget for the chicest clothes, so that plays a factor. But we'll see =]

Anyway, I'll be gone for three weeks! I'll miss home and my boyfriend (very much! ah ='[) , but hopefuly it'll be fun.
Adios! Suerte!
-New York Chique


La Femme Chic said...

!!! Have a safe flight and I hope you have a fantastic time in Spain! :)
You make lovely polyvores.. my favorite is I Am the Walrus.

Eli said...

I love spain so much when I went in spain.Make sure to check out the Fuencarral shopping area near El Gran Via (this will make sense when you get there). Try all the food. Its soooooooo yummy. Bring some ear plugs because the city is very noisy at night and youll need them to sleep.

Lily said...

I loved wasted youth :)

LoLee said...

luuv all those shoes and dresses and all! :)
have fun in Spain!


Hi from spain!! is jana speaking!!!

Paige said...

Have fun in Spain! And I agree with the Forever 21 thing; in fact, I'm wearing one of their shirts right now and it hasn't fallen apart.

Morena G.Y. said...

I hope you had a good time in Spain! It's absolutely amazing up there!

Anyway, thanks for your comment!
I've missed you commenting my blog. :)

Hopefully you come back soon.

Morena G.Y. said...

P.S. Might I mention it's my one year blog anniversary and I wanted to thank you for still being one of my readers. Because you were one of my first, and one year're still with me! :)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love all of your outfits ;)

Ann said...

I like your post and your outfits,
regards, Ann

Egle said...


Natalie said...

love the outfits you put together, and i agree about F21 and urban!

Anonymous said...

lucky u... hope u'll have great time in Spain... love ur styles anw..:D

moonflower said...

i love all the polyvore ideas! sooo nice

Anonymous said...

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StuddedBows said...

cute outfits!

Nancy said...

Lovin' all of these outfits! I might just have to save this one and look back at it for inspiration. :) cheers.