Friday, December 24, 2010

Hey There Tumblr

Hey all,

College has been such an experience...ahh I could honestly write a book about it. But I have some news - I've moved to Tumlbr - TEMPORARILY.

I'm just testing it out, to see how I like it. But I can already tell that there's a lot of inflexibility with the layouts (for instance, i wouldnt be able to have the musi player I have now), and the html for the layouts is hard for me to figure out...for some reason blogger just seems...easier. And more professional. Tumblr seems better for posting photos, or a few sentences on a whim. Not making the long, ranty posts that you know I love on blogger =]

Anyway, I will test out Tumblr for a few weeks - and then, most likely (i'd bet at 75%) coming back to blogger. Blogger *seems* a lot better to me, but I want to see how this Tumblr thing goes.

Anyway, for kicks, here you go:

But DON'T unfollow me here! Because I still love this blog and I want to keep you guys updated when I come back to blogger. Just stay put! =]

I really love everyone who's been reading all the way until now <3
-New York Chique...or now, Breakfast in New York (or Biny!)

[EDIT]: I'm not using tumblr. I don't like it as much as blogger. Instead of going to tumblr, visit my blog at :)