Monday, August 23, 2010

9 days until college

Tonight the breeze is really's b
eautiful weather here. Today was surprisingly cool, which was a welcome change from the humidity of earlier this week - but also a scary reminder that the summer is almost over!

9 days until college.

  1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge - nope - this was an easy thing to do, but I never got around to it...I still have the week though, so I might!
  2. Go skinny dipping - didn't really have the opportunity =/
  3. Tan topless - hm, i pulled my dress down to expose my shoulders once, but that was the closest I got to topless. (I was also on a small lawn. I need to go to the great lawn if I want to do that kind of thing)
  4. Buy a fake ID - YES! but it's very cheap, and very crappy. Let's see if I have the courage to actually use it =]
  5. Go clubbing - I didn't get my ID until very recently - but I don't know if I have the guts to use it to go clubbing, haha.
  6. Try a tab of acid - I had the opportunity, but I turned it down because I was already high and wanted to spend a nice evening with my boyfriend.
  7. Revisit the MoMa - YES! with my boyfriend. It was interesting to see the amounts of tourists that were there!
  8. Revisit the Planetarium show - Did this, it was amazing. I love the star show!
  9. Watch a Broadway show - I asked my mom, aha she says we can go as a family in the winter.
  10. Donate blood - I donated blood for the first time at work! I felt very weak (they took the blood out of my left arm instead of right) but I totally felt satisfied afterwards. I'm going to try and donate regularly!
  11. Sneak into Central Park Zoo to look at the seals - haha. haha. haha. nope! But I've watched the seals several times this summer, in the daytime =p I love them, they're so adorable!
  12. Explore my neighborhood with my guy friend - tons. and he's an amazing partner in crime.
  13. Hookah bar again! - asdfghjkl this is the one i regret not doing the most!
  14. Take some cool pictures with my brand new camera. yes =]
  15. Spend a romantic day at the beach. - i've gone to the beach a couple of times, but not romantically. ahaha oh well!
  16. Bring my guy friend misou soup and a delicious red velvet cupcake - yep, both!
  17. Buy a pipe. - from st. marks with the help of my brother
  18. See Eclipse! =D - haha i'm a twilight junkie.

I secretly want to slowly change my blog into something else...or maybe start a new one. One with more writing. But we'll see.

I've (kinda) started packing...I'm not leaving much at home, so I'm throwing away a ton of stuff. It's difficult to bring everything you're going to own/use to college! I also have tons of clothes =p I hope I have room in my dorm!

I also got my roommate assignment. She seems like a very nice girl, and I hope we get along!

College is a turning point in my life. I also have to start making difficult choices, about what I want to do with my life (studies) and what kind of person I want to become (social). Do I want to be the school slut, or the bookworm. Of course it's all about balance, but I know that in college I'll slowly start to figure out the persona I feel most comfortable with. For now, I'm very excited, a little nervous. The usual =p

I'm definitely going to make a whole post on my thoughts on college, but I'm too tired tonight...this might have been the last night I see my boyfriend (tear). He's off to france and I won't see him for another month, if he decides to visit me. I'm not sure if we're continuing our relationship, probably not, but he's one of the sweetest most understanding people I've ever met, and he rocked my summer. x3

Not to mention he bought me an ultra comfy AA raglan sweater:

Goodnight, girls!


santo said...

Hey wat about your to do list, by don't worry abt ur boyfriend, yr relationship blossoms, all the very best, enjoy ur college days

NewYorkChique said...

haha santo i re-posted my to-do list...dont you see it in the entry? the numbered items, haha.

santo said...

ya i do see , but it seems , u have forgot or let it pass by some of Ur wish list , take care ....

santo said...

Hannah said...

Good luck in college! Sounds like you had fun summer ;)

Mariana P. said...

Heeeey, I miss you :( How is everything going? Are you enjoying college? Tell us everything :) I'd love to hear all about that.

I changed my alias and my blog, but I'm that girl who told you once that your blog is so special for me because is one of the first blogs I started following, do you remember? It still is that important :) please come back! Maybe you have another blog.. please share!


bakeshoppe said...

I'm sure the earlier bloggers are most likely exact, That's wonderful, always keep them up im seeking with regard to the other post!

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