Friday, January 11, 2008

Clutch me, Hold me

Okay, so lets talk clutches.

To be pefectly honest, we have a love-hate relationship. They'e so pretty and chic, and I'm dying to use them [love], but they're awfully inconvinient [hate]. I mean, if its a special event, then I guess its worth the effort. But when you're just going out shopping or running errands, they either take a hand to carry, or you have to put it under your arm. What a hassle. I rather just swing an oversized bag over my shoulder, at least I can use both my hands to carry the groceries or check out price tags. But anyway, here are some snazzy clutches.

Clippy Clutches: The clutches with the clips at the top; pretty self explanatory. The one on the left is adorable (Left; Forever 21, $8.80) - I admit it, even though the butterfly at the top kinda annoys me, I can't help but to want it! And its affordable, which in my mind makes this a great buy. The one on the right is just dreamy. Haha whenever I look at it I can just imagine myself in a fancy dress and heels with it. Haha...its not exactly a clutch, but I have a purse similar to that whose chains are removable- so its like half clutch half purse. Anyway, its gorg.(Right; Banana Republic, $36.99). The white one on the bottom, (Bottom, Urban Outfitters, $24) is soo great. I could imagine using it for so many outfits, and for casual as well as maybe more formal use. I think I might just buy this one myself =]

Envelope Clutches: (Left and Right; Urban Outfitters, $34.99)- These are oversized, and completely suede, so its definetly worth the buy. They're the same exact ones, the one on the left being pink and the one on the right being black.

Bow Clutches: These are beautiful- the bow just makes it that much more classy looking. I especially like the purple color on the left clutch (Left; Dolce and Gabbana, $495). The one in the middle (Right; Urban Outfitters, $74.99) is also really cute, and I like that the polka dots are subtle.

Foldover Clutches: (Left; Carlos Falchi, $1995)- Okay, this one is definety pricey, but hey, it looks nice. The one from Urban Outfitters (Right; Urban Outfitters, $39.99) looks really nice for conventional use- you know, for everyday things. As well as pewter, the color shown below, it comes in black and red. The one on the bottom (Bottom; Banana Republic, $120) comes in this orange as well as in green. The foldover and the buckle on this one is especially cute.

Oversized clutches, by the way, seem to be a pretty big trend. I guess its expected after the whole oversized handbag epidemic. [it was a good epidemic though :) ]. Victoria Beckham is a fan of clutches- she was seen sporting a Hermes Baccara Crocodile Clutch as well as a Jimmy Choo Oversized fold-over calfskin clutch.

Hermes Baccara Crocodile Clutch, in black and in green.

The Jimmy Choo Foldover Calfskin Clutch (Saks Fifth Avenue, $1,250)

The Olsen twins using this Bottega Veneta Clutch:

And also, Kate Bosworth seen with this beautiful bronze Chanel clutch:

Oh and I just heard: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden finally had their baby girl! Her name is Harlow Winter Kate Madden. Good luck to them.

Thanks, and hope you like the post! And comment if you like it, or hate it. I just want to hear what you think. Thanks



Belle said...

on the runways there's been a lot of vintage inspired bags, like the marc jacobs ones---embroidered ones, clutches, etc.

i love the floral one you've got a picture of, it's pretty cute.

the t-shirt girl said...

i love the floral print clutch, saw it on uo

miss hautttefashion said...

i love clutches but im always afraid i'll just let go and leave it somewhere..

nice blog :]

Andy said...

I have the same clutch that have the olsen twins. the bottega venetta one, in red. :)