Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Cat in the Hat

One day I'm a mother
One day I'm a lover
What am I supposed to do?
-Amy Grant

Hats, hats, and more hats.

Again, because of the bitter cold sometimes I force myself to wear a hat. For the longest time I despised hats because they always messed up my hair and frizzed it, and by the end I looked like a puppy dog who got stuck in the dryer.

But hats don't have to be frumpy or a nuisance; they can be cute too. And there are so many to choose from! Well here are a few that I managed to find:

Types of hats:

1. The Cadet hat (Left; JcPenny, $9.99), (Right; Burberry, $180). Weirdly, I like the JCPenny one much more than the burberry. I guess the sailor buttons on it make it that much cuter.

2. Floppy hats. (Left; Juicy couture, $125). A nice alternative, (Right; Ubran Outfitters, $42) And they come in burnt orange and grey too!

3. Large felt hats-a little less floppy, (bloomingdales, $49.99). The satin ribon is a lovely accent, i think. And the hue of blue is just gorgeous.

3. Fedoras. (Left and right; bloomingdales, $47.99) And they come in alot of snazzy colors too. An even better deal at forever21, (Bottom; forever21, $9.80). And don't forget; they also have ribboned fedoras -especially at forever21- so if thats what you're looking for, then you should definetly check out that store.

4. Berets (Left and right; Eric Javits, $225). My favorites probably the on on the right, but the one on the left would be pretty handy for certain outfits.

These two look fabulous, but way out of my price range for a hat. Nice alternatives:
A saggy beret (Left; Ubran Outfitters, $28), (Right; Mandees, $10). I especially like the regular berets- and for anyone who lives in New York City, you can sometimes see them being sold on the street for pretty cheap ($8-15), depending on how you bargain.

5. Beanies. (Left; Urban Outfitters, $20), (Right; Forever21, $10.80). Whats great about the urban outfitters one is that they come in other colors too- this bright yellow, a bright aqua, and then cream and black. And the one from forever21 caught my eye, I might go buy it myself! It also comes in black and grey.

6. The flap beanie. (Left; forever21, $9.80). And it comes in purple, grey, and black as well. the great thing about beanies with flaps is that although they look kinda goofy sometimes, they're positively adorable. Especially when guys wear them. Now thats my type of man.

Hats: not only are they handy, but they can be gorgeous and that extra UMPH in any outfit. I'll have to go hat shopping myself sometime soon.



lalalacouture said...

Nice blog! Want to exchange links?

Wendy said...

I really want a knit beret at the moment. The other types of head wear you posted are great.

julia said...

hey, nice post! very informative, i never actually knew what all of these hats are called. keep up the good work ;)