Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to Wrap A Scarf: The French Twist

Scarfs are by far my favorite accesory of all time. period. I use them whenever my outfit feels blahh, and they just make my day so much brighter. But for the longest time I just did the simple wrap-around neck thing- it never occurred to me to wrap it like this. Then one of my friends wore her scarf like this to school and it changed my world. You might think I'm exagerrating, but now I'm simply in love with the look. So heres a step-by-step guide, hopefully it'll be as helpful to you as it was for me.

How to Tie a Neck Scarf in a French Twist:

Step 1: Take the scarf and fold it lengthwise until you reach your desired thickness.

Step 2. Wrap the scarf around your neck, making sure to place the middle of the scarf at the back of your neck, so that you can hold both ends with your hands. Oh, and make sure to make the ends even.

Step 3: Taking both ends, make a simple knot at the front [over and under, you know the drill], and once you're done with that, bring the knot up to your neck.

Step 4: Bring the knot to the side of your neck, and tighten it a bit.

Step 5: Go seduce a shmexy man with your fabulous french twisted scarf.

Haha, ok the last step is totally optional, but probably the most fun. Now aren't you just dumbfounded by how easy it is to make a french twist!? When I finally learned how to do it I was like woah, I cant believe I never realized how to do that. Below is Rachel Bilson with a beautiful silk scarf- its not wrapped, but still looks great.

And if I had a pretty penny...I would buy this scarf: (Hermes, $325)

But since I really don't, I'm still perfectly content to going to Banana Republic and buying these scarves: (Left; Banana Republic, $48) ( Right; Banana republic, $38)

Okay, so thats my take on silk scarfs. Not only are they beautiful, but soft, and now we all know how to knot them in an amazing way.

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LINDA ♥ said...

LOL. I love French twists. :D

xoxkateangelbaby said...

great post! that was so useful! i just practiced actually..hahaha

nice blog!

AFitz said...

fun blog, trippy background

anna. said...

ah love scarves,
my mom ha s a HUE stash of them from back n the day.
its very exhilerating when get to rummage through hr box of them.

Andy said...

This is cute. i love scarves. :)

Poppycock Thoughts said...

Ive just discovered your post. I love this post. and my friend says shmexy, I laughed at that

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